How do I get a TruConnect Replacement Phone for FREE

When you opt for the TruConnect ACP program, you get a free smartphone along with a $30 monthly discount on wireless phone services. Is your phone lost and are you looking for a TruConnect replacement phone? Here we have gone through a guide through which you can achieve device replacement, the company's policies, and all the ins and outs in such a situation.

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TruConnect Replacement Phone

When you get a free device from the government or a tablet or a laptop based on your qualification and participation in an affordable connectivity program, Lifeline Connectivity, and other FCC programs that enable you to have a free phone from the government.
Here we will learn -

TruConnect Free Government Phone Replacement:

If you are a participant of Lifeline Assistant and if TruConnect is your provider then here is the policy for the TruConnect free phone that you have received.

If you have received a defective phone under TruConnect Lifeline phone then you can return it within 90 days. You have to ship your phone to the company's mentioned address at your own expense and the inspection team from the company will determine whether you are eligible for a full replacement for free or at a cost.

Now regarding which phone you will get as a replacement for the TruConnect phone, that purely depends upon the availability and you may not get the same model as your earlier one. When you are looking for a replacement you should call the customer care service department and even when you get a replacement device you will receive a call from them indicating the address to which the device will be sent.

TruConnect Replacement Phone Policy

The above-mentioned guide is related to free phones provided under Lifeline Assistant but if you have purchased a phone or upgraded a phone then read here.

Neither TruConnect manufactures any phone nor does it offer its own branded phones so in such a case TruConnect is not responsible for any defects on your phone because it's a cell phone service provider, not a device manufacturer. So if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone then please contact Samsung customer care and if you have an Apple iPhone then please contact the Apple customer department or visit any nearby retailer. Now regarding the warranty, it depends from brand to brand. Most of the manufacturers offer 1 year or 2 years warranty on the device model and up to 6 months or 1 year on the mobile phone components like battery, case, and charger. If it's physical damage then it's a waste to apply for a device replacement because most manufacturing companies do not provide phone replacement when your device is damaged by you(sudden drop or water damage).

How to Submit TruConnect Phone Replacement Complaint Request

If you have issues with your free phone provided by Tru Connect then there is how you can submit a request and get a device replaced -

Please call TruConnect customer care at 800-430-0443 and provide all the details like your registered mobile number IMEI number other details asked by a customer service representative. (Just follow this guide on how to get IMEI number in case you need)

A customer service agent will provide you with some basic troubleshooting and even though it does not fix the issue on your phone then they will give you the option to send it to them. They will also provide the address to which the defective piece should be sent.

Once they receive the defective device, the inspection team will look through the device and check out what's the problem.

If it is a genuine problem then TruConnect will send you a replacement device at your address.

TruConnect Phone Replacement List

Just like you, many people have asked what phone I get when they file for replacement.

Sadly it's not in the hands of the customer to choose the exact model. Is the list of mobile phones that you may receive a replacement device -

  • Newest BLU phone
  • Entry level Samsung phone
  • Entry level Nokia phone
  • Motorola Moto G Power
  • Latest Moto E model
  • Any NUU phone
  • Alcatel go flip 3

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Final Thoughts

We have covered the most important aspects related to the TruConnect replacement phone and you can feel free to connect to True Connect support for further help or any other questions related to device replacement.

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How to get FREE TruConnect Replacement Phone
Is your phone lost and are you looking for a TruConnect replacement phone? Here we have gone through a guide through which you can achieve device replacement, companies policies, and all the ins and outs in such a situation.
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