Where are Samsung Phones Made or Manufactured or Assembled

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Samsung is a worldwide leader in Android-powered devices and comes only next to Apple in the smartphone category in terms of sales and popularity. The Samsung Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series paved a way for the success of the South Korean smartphone giant in the global market. It has now become a household brand and everyone knows that Samsung has a smartphone business and their phones are doing pretty well. Many of the users who want to shift to Samsung has asked various questions like where are Samsung phones made or manufactured or assembled.

Let me answer it here for you!

Where are Samsung Phones Made

All of you might know that Samsung is a South Korean-based electronics appliances manufacturing company. So from where is my Samsung phone manufactured? When it comes to smartphone manufacturing, most of you might answer it CHINA because it's the worldwide leader in smartphone manufacturing and assembling, but you might be surprised to see that SAMSUNG phones are not manufactured in China or you can say PRC (People's Republic of China).

Samsung in 2019 shut down its last manufacturing factory in China and since then it's not made any phone in the People's Republic. So if it's not from China, then where are Samsung Galaxy phones made?

84 years old South Korean smartphone giant has set up various plants across the world to decrease the cost and avoid import taxes. This is why Samsung is able to provide devices at a competitive price.

Here are all Samsung factories around the world -


Samsung shifted most of its production from China to Vietnam where it produces 120 million units per year and mostly ships to the United States, Canada. and other European countries. If you have an unlocked Samsung phone, then chances are it's made in Vietnam.

Samsung phone manufacturing facility in Vietnam is located in Thai Nguyen province where it has three big factories making tablets PC and wearable devices apart from smartphones production & assembly.


Samsung's manufacturing unit in India is the largest mobile phone manufacturing unit in the world based on the production capacity producing 120 million units per year. Most of the devices are meant for local consumption in India, the sub-continent, Europe, Africa, UAE, and West Asia.

India is one of the key markets for Samsung and Galaxy M Series, Galaxy A series & most phones under $100 and $200 are assembled here. Samsung phones which are made in India are mostly powered by an in-house Exynos chipset and sadly there is no Snapdragon production in this part of the world.

South Korea:

South Korea is a home country for Samsung and there are manufacturing facilities in the country as well, but it only accounts for only 10% of global shipments. Most of the units manufactured here are primarily meant for the company's local market or Nigeria and adjoining countries.


Samsung's Brazil manufacturing plant is in operation since 1999 and currently, 7000 workers are employed here. It produces smartphones for use in Latin America.


To meet the local demand, Samsung has setup a plant in Indonesia as well, capable of producing around 1 million units per year.

How to Know Where is my Samsung Phone Manufactured?

You can bring up your device box, and it's clearly printed with key details like -

  • Country of origin: It's clearly mentioned on the device box.
  • Importer name & address: Seller has to mention this on the top of the box itself.

Here is the brief synopsis -

Country Production/Year Staff Address
India 120 Million
Vietnam 120 Million
South Korea ~10 Million
Brazil ~20 Million
Indonesia ~1 Million
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Who Makes Samsung Phones?

With our research, we came to know that majority of requirements for Samsung for Asian countries are filled by Dixon Technologies India Limited, an India-based firm. (Source - LiveMint)

Are Samsung phones made in China?

Although, PRC or China is the worldwide leader in not only smartphones but also other electronic devices as well. By 2018, Samsung closed out all the factories that they had in China and it might surprise you that there are no Samsung factories in China right now.

So here is where your Samsung phones are made, manufactured, designed, produced & assembled.

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