How to get Airtalk Wireless Replacement Phone

AirTalk Wireless Replacement phone

In the recent past, the name Airtalk Wireless has been seen too often when it comes to ACP plan for the reason that it offers a choice when it comes to phones that comes free when you sign up for ACP.  That's why we have written much more about AirTalk Wireless ranging from network reviews to help in submitting ACP applications, from SIM+phone activation to APN settings all these posts are about AirTalk. Here in this guide, we will go through a guide on how to ask for an Airtalk Wireless replacement phone.

AirTalk Wireless Replacement Phone:

AirTalk Wireless provides mobile phones ranging from brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony & other premium brands. It is highly unlikely that you will be required for any AirTalk wireless phone replacement, however, for these instances, you might require one -

  • Received a buggy device (unable to power on)
  • The phone is broken during shipping
  • The phone got lost or stolen

How to replace AirTalk Wireless phone?

When it comes to replacement, each telecom network has its own policies. Let me put out the AirTalk Wireless phone replacement policy for you -

All the handsets received or purchased directly from AirTalk Wireless come with a 15-day warranty from the company. If the device received was broken or buggy as soon as you opened it, then you can ask for a free replacement device or may receive a refund if asked. The same model of replacement device will be shipped if the stock is available or else it will be communicated to you officially.

Alternatively, if the customer isn't happy with the device, they can return it to AirTalk Wireless within 15 days from the date of receipt. Here you will have to provide a valid reason and the amount will be refunded to you.

If the AirTalk device is stolen or lost or damaged, AirTalk Wireless doesn't provide any refund for such issues. However, the good news, you order a replacement phone by paying $25 and the replacement device will not be the same as the older one.

To report any potential AirTalk device replacement claims, you need to call customer service at +1 (855) 924-7825 and explain them.

The phone replacement is valid for 5G government phone too.

Can I get a replacement for the device purchased under AirTalk Wireless Government Phone:

When you sign up for ACP at AirTalk Wireless, you are provided with a choice of selecting a device. The replacement policy for such Lifeline devices is the same as that mentioned above.

Alternatively, if the warranty is provided by your phone manufacturer, then please contact them or visit their service centers directly.

My AirTalk Phone is broken, can I replace it?

It's sad that you are reading this part because your phone's display is broken or it's not working properly. In such cases, AirTalk provides a replacement of the device but you will have to pay $25.

You will also have to ship your old broken device to the company at your own expense. Please talk to the customer care agent for more discussion in this regard.

How long does it for Airtalk to send a Replacement Device?

All the mobile phones purchased at AirTalk Wireless include a 15-day warranty from the company. If you have successfully raised a request for a replacement device, your request will be fulfilled within 7-10 days from the time the company receives your broken device but actual time may vary from replacement device availability, your location, and public holidays.

Does the AirTalk Warranty apply to phone accessories as well?

In addition to mobile phone warranty, AirTalk provides such claims on mobile phone accessories too if something happens to it within 15 days from the delivery date. If you have passed that, then you can ask your phone manufacturer regarding the warranty of it.

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As of now, almost all the phone manufacturing companies provide a year warranty on the handset and 6 months warranty on accessories like chargers, earphones, and battery(in some cases).

Final Words:

So that's how easy it was to ask for Airtalk Wireless replacement phone. You can catch up on all the actions about AirTalk Wireless here.

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How to order a Airtalk Wireless Replacement Phone
Here in this guide, we will go through a guide on how to ask for an Airtalk Wireless replacement phone if your device lost or stolen or broken.
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