Page Plus Cell Plan ranging from Unlimited & PAYG Plans

Check out the latest Page Plus cell plan ranging from Unlimited to PAYG plans and one that offers unlimited data.

Page Plus Cellular is a no-contract MVNO run by a Mexico-based America Movil company that offers attractive plans for subscribers in various parts of the United States of America. It also has other subsidiaries like TracFone, Net10, Total Wireless, and Straight Talk.

Here we go through various Page Plus cell phone plans & 3G/4G Pay As You Plans (PAYG). Let me talk to you in detail about these plans here in this article.

Page Plus Cell Plan

Here are the various no-contract plans that this company offers -

Page Plus Plan Minutes Text Data
$12.00 500 Mins 500 SMS 100 MB 4G LTE
$29.95 Unlimited Unlimited 3 GB 4G LTE data then 2G*
$39.95 Unlimited Unlimited 8 GB 4G LTE data then 2G
$55.00 Unlimited Unlimited Fully Unlimited 4G LTE

Note: All the plans, except the $12 plan include a $10 International calling credit. Taxes extra!

Page Plus 12 Plan

The $12/month plan is the cheapest plan this particular America Movil MVNO offers. Sadly you can't make international calls with this plan.

Page Plus 29.95 Plan

The Page Plus unlimited plan starts from $29.95 that offers fixed 3 GB 4G LTE data then 2G data.

Page Plus $39.95 Plan

The $39.95 plan comes with 8 GB 4G LTE data and then unlimited 2G data.

Fully Page Plus Unlimited Plan

Are you looking for a truly unlimited plan that offers unlimited calls, text, messages, and data? Then choose the $55.00 plan.

Page Plus Plans Unlimited Data:

Unlimited means without any limits and if you are looking for a non-contract MVNO that offers full unlimited 4G LTE data then go with the $55 plan that will cost you around $60 a month after adding taxes. Further, as I see on the companies website it's mentioned that above 60 GB usage per month, the company can review your account for usage violation of their terms and conditions.

Page Plus SIM Card

You can purchase the Page Plus SIM card directly online from Amazon or through the company's website.

Page Plus Refill

Do you need to add cash to your account or do renew your monthly plan? You can do it from the company's page

or through the Page Plus app.
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Page Plus Change Plan:

You can easily switch from one plan to another at any time. The price will be calculated on a pro data basis.

So those were the plans offered by America Movil owned Page+ Cellular USA. Let me know which of the above-mentioned Page Plus plans are you on.

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Page Plus Plans ranging from Unlimited & PAYG Plans
Check out the latest Page Plus cell plan ranging from Unlimited to PAYG plans and one that offers unlimited data.
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