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Bluegrass wireless Plans

Here we have detailed all Cheap Bluegrass Wireless Plans, Internet plans, & unlimited plans & data charges.

Bluegrass is a prepaid Mobile Network Virtual Operator (MVNO) based in Kentucky that offers prepaid services in most parts of the United States of America(USA). Here we are to discuss the Bluegrass Wireless plans ranging from low-cost to unlimited plans. Definitely, it's an option to consider if you are looking at cost-saving. In 2020, the company was acquired by Verizon Wireless, the largest telecom network in America. And on their LinkedIn page, they have a tagline "Treating customers and employees like good friends".

So let's discuss this as I help you to choose the best plan on this network.

Bluegrass Wireless Plans:

This Verizon based MVNO offers four different plans in the prepaid to cater to different kinds of customers as per their needs.

Here are the prepaid plans -

Price Per Month Data per month
 $25  No Data
 $35  25 GB High Speed
 $50  30 GB High Speed
 $60  50 GB High Speed
 $80  Unlimited

Bluegrass $60 Plan:

The company doesn't offer a truly unlimited plan, but if you need more high-speed data, then you can go with the $60 prepaid plan.

$50 Plan:

The $50 plan by this Kentucky operator offers 30 GB of high-speed data.

Cheap Bluegrass Plan:

If you are looking for the cheapest possible mobile plan, then consider going with the $25/month plan for a single line. This plan provides the following -

  • Free unlimited calls nationwide
  • Free SMS & text
  • No data is included

Bluegrass Cellular Unlimited Plan:

Yes, Bluegrass offers an unlimited plan that includes unlimited nationwide talk, text, and data on its 4G LTE network. It also includes unlimited mobile hotspots and unlimited texting to international numbers. The base price of this truly unlimited plan is $80 and if you want to add a new line, it will cost $40/month.

Here is what this Advantage plans offer -

  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text & Data
  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot
  • Unlimited Texting to International Numbers
  • 25 GB of Premium Data thereafter up to 1 Mbps speed
  • Up to 10 devices per account
  • Additional phone price $40/month only
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Flexi Plan:

This network provider has come up with an option of pay-as-you-use. The base price is $20 for network access for phone calls and text and if you want data then for each GB you will have to pay $10. This can be called a PAYG plan.

Account Size

Phone Access Fee

Price Per GB

Shared Data Cap

Maximum Monthly Payment*

1 line



6 GB


2 lines



7 GB


3 lines



8 GB


4 lines



9 GB


Hotspot Plan:

We have arrived at the Bluegrass hotspot plans discussion, and you will be happy to hear that this MVNO offers to share your mobile data with other family and friends. The company also offers a hotspot plan in the $80 a month plan.

It's truly an unlimited hotspot plan but since this plan has a limit of 25 GB high-speed data thereafter 1 Mbps speed, the tethering will be based on 1 Mbps speed only, i.e., it will be slow, but you can share data with family and friends.

Bluegrass Tethering Plan cost: $80/month

Truly Unlimited: No (25 GB high speed thereafter 1 Mbps speed)

Family Plan:

Looking for family savings? Then consider going with a family plan, but here such plans are not directly as you have to purchase a new line for all the new devices that you want to connect.

Internet Plans:

The company also offers Internet coverage in the following areas -

  1. Kentucky (Ky)
  2. Albany
  3. Brandenburg
  4. Beaver Dam
  5. Bardstown
  6. Bowling Green
  7. Elizabeth town
  8. Radcliff
  9. Danville
  10. Campbellville
  11. Glasgow
  12. RussellVille
  13. Liberty
  14. Monticello
  15. BurkesVille
  16. Edmonton
  17. Jamestown
  18. TompkinsVille
  19. ScottsVille
  20. Elkton
  21. AdairVille
  22. Morgan Town
  23. Livemore
  24. Hardinsburg
  25. Leitchfield
  26. Horse Cave

Coverage Map:

You can view the Internet coverage map here and click on the Internet tab because the page automatically shows the default mobile network coverage map.

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Hotspot Not Working

Bluegrass Mobile Data Not Working?

For that, you will have to check whether or not you have consumed your monthly quota allocated. You can try out 5 other solutions to fix mobile data not working on your phone & why is my data slow.

For more details, complain about Bluegrass customer care.

Bluegrass Tethering not working:

There are several reasons why hotspot or tethering not working on your mobile phone.


$25 for a single line and $80 for unlimited everything is good but just like other websites, these above-mentioned plans come with a * mark beside the price i.e., these are with terms and conditions applied. The same applies to Bluegrass mobile plans. Note also includes the following two points -

- High-speed data up to 4G speeds with compatible devices for first 1 GB of data usage (25 GB plan); first 5 GB of data usage (30 GB plan); first 10 GB of data usage (50 GB plan).

- Up to 3G data usage for the remainder of data allotment, according to your selected service plan. Additional 3G data is $15/GB on each plan.

For any further details, the customer service representative is just a phone call away.


Here are some of the basic FAQs -

Does Bluegrass Cellular have contracts?

No, all plans are prepaid and so there are no contracts.

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What does bluegrass LTE mean?

It means that you are on a 4G LTE network that offers the fastest speed.

What network does Bluegrass Cellular use?

Bluegrass Cellular has an agreement with Verizon Wireless to use its bands and networks to serve its customer. So it uses Verizon Wireless network.

Are all Bluegrass Wireless plans prepaid?

Yes, all the plans offered by MVNO are prepaid.

Wrapping it Up:

So we have gone through full details on all the plans that MVNO offers and additionally, we have a tutorial on what to do when Bluegrass cellular mobile data is not working. Do let us know which Bluegrass Cellular Plan are you using.

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