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i3 Mobile is the newest MVNO that runs on the AT&T network. Announced in July 2019, this virtual mobile network operator had a tough time going through Covid-19 in the first year of its launch, and it still continues.

Going a little deeper into i3 Mobile, it's run by i3 Group, and it has headquartered in Crawley city of Sussex in England. They target both direct customers and business users. To be a part of i3 Mobile, you will not have to go through credit checks, and they promise speed from 8 Mbps to 80 Mbps.

So let's check out i3 Mobile plans, APN settings, BYOD check, customer care number and how to get i3 SIM card.

i3 Mobile

i3 Mobile Plans

Basically for smartphone users, there are two plans -

i3 Mobile Phone Plan

Known as the "Smartphone Essential plan", it's billed at $25/month with taxes included. This plan comes with 2 GB of high speed data and offers unlimited talk and text. Once the allocated data is consumed, the company will shut off data for the reminder of the month.

i3 Mobile Unlimited Plan:

Capped at $48 per month (including taxes), it comes with unlimited text, talk and 22 GB of high speed data including 5G coverage (if available). Once a user consumes 22 GB, he will be able to use mobile data at a slower speed. This plan includes unlimited calling and texting from Canada and Mexico.

Data Only Plan:

The Data only plans are available for devices like tablets and hotspot devices. It costs $65 a month as known fact, it doesn't include any calling or texting.

i3 Mobile Business Plans:

The above-mentioned $25/month plan is available for business users, as well as an additional cost of $4 more.

Business unlimited phone plan costing $65/month too is available for business users. This plan includes more features as you get an additional toll-free number, and users can use the phone for mobile hotspot too.

Data Only Business plan:

Costing $69/month, the i3 Mobile Data only business plan provides more perks that consumer plan as mentioned above.

To summarize, here are the plans -

Plan Talk and Text Data Hotspot Price per Month
$25 Consumer Plan Unlimited 2 GB No $25
$48 Consumer plan Unlimited 22 GB & Slow down No $48
$65 Data Only Plan - 65 GB & Slow down Yes $65
$25 Business Plan Unlimited 2 GB No $29
$65 Business Unlimited Plan Unlimited 22 GB Data No $65
$69 Business Unlimited Plan Unlimited 65 GB thereafter slow No $69

Unlimited Plan:
The unlimited plan is based on customer and business plan. It costs $65 for customer and $69 for business users, that has added advantage.

i3 Mobile SIM Card

You can purchase i3 Mobile SIMs from the company's website or from Amazon or Walmart directly.

i3 Mobile at Glance

As we go through the details, we found that this network comes with the following Pros -

  1. Provides reasonably good plans
  2. There are no hidden charges whatsoever
  3. All plans included taxes

i3 Mobile Customer Service Number

Support is provided through toll-free number, 24x7 support via live chat and email.

Toll Free Number: 1-833-546-0081

Email Support: kay@i3mobile.us


Fatalistik LLC.

P.O.BOX 3780


MD 21802

BYOD Check


APN Settings

Just factory reset to default, and your SIM will automatically apply accordingly.


What network does i3 Mobile runs on?

Answer: i3 Mobile as a GSM provider runs on T-Mobile network to cater its services to customers.

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So stay tuned for more info on i3 Mobile plans as it happens.

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i3 Mobile Plans, Coverage, APN Settings, Reviews
So let's check out i3 Mobile plans, APN settings, BYOD check, customer care number and how to get i3 SIM card.
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