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Tello is an American budget-friendly wireless service provider and also a certified free Government phone provider. If you are looking for a low-cost mobile plan then networks such as TracFone, SafeLink & Tello Mobile come to the rescue. There are tons of options available to choose from, with plans starting as low as $5 a month. Tello offers affordable plans, reliable nationwide coverage, a small section of mobile devices, and a BYOD(bring your phone) program. Through this program, a customer can subscribe to Tello services with the phone they already have. Here I will take you through the Tello Compatible Phones list and this you should know.

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There are certain steps to follow if you want to know whether your mobile will work with Tello's service.

Tello Compatible Phones:

Tello Mobile is compatible with various Android, iPhone, and flip Phones. It has selected flagship phones and also older mobiles such as Samsung, Motorola, Alcatel, TCL, and Plum. The company also provides a 5G service, and it runs on T-Mobile which is the third largest and most reliable mobile network in the United States. So you get almost the T-Mobile coverage nationwide.

How Do I Know If My Phone Is Compatible With Tello Mobile?

Most cell phones in recent years are compatible with Tello as long as they are unlocked. The easiest way to know if your phone is compatible with Tello Mobile is to visit its official website.

The following steps will guide you in checking your phone's compatibility.

  • Visit Tello Mobile's Official website and go to the main menu then select 'Bring Your Phone', you will see a search box.
  • Then enter your phone's IMEI number and click on check.
  • If you don't know your phone IMEI number you can receive it if you dial *#06#.
  • Once you enter the IMEI number and press check, the system will let you know if your device is compatible with their services.

What Phones are Compatible with Tello Mobile?

  • All the phones purchased from Tello are compatible with their services. You can purchase any high-quality device at Tello phones.
  • Any GSM mobile phone that is free from the contract is compatible with Tello Mobile.
  • Any unlocked smartphone Android or iPhone may be compatible with Tello.

Tello Mobile Compatible Phones

Tello Mobile has limited mobiles, as they have emerged with T-Mobile, there are a lot of expectations to bring in Tello's mobiles. Here is the list of phones that are compatible with Tello Mobile Services.

Tello Mobile Compatible iPhone

Looking for an iPhone on Tello network? Here are the compatible devices list -

  • Apple iPhone 7
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  • Apple iPhone SE 2
  • Apple iPhone XS

iPhone on Tello


Apple iPhone 7 $249
Apple iPhone 7 Plus $299
Apple iPhone 6S $169
Apple iPhone 6S Plus $229

Tello Mobile Compatible Android Phones

Here are Android smartphones that work with the Tello network -

  • Samsung Galaxy A12: The network provider has most of the people who are looking for a mid-range handset and doesn't want the trouble of EMIs. The Galaxy A series is a perfect combination for them.
  • Wiko Ride 2: Wiko Phones are known for their availability at a budget price.
  • Motorola G Play: Moto G Play is yet another affordable smartphone.

Tello Flip Phone:

If you are looking exclusively for a flip phone with 5G on Tello then go with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3:

The newly launched Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes with Flex mode, an Intuitive compact camera, and the introduction of new 5G compatibility. But this one is priced at $899.99, and you can get a refurbished handset for a price of less than $600.

Check out Flip Phones with 5G

Gadgets 360 says it has become a digital fashion, while GamesRadar was quoted saying 'A foldable phone for the masses'. Guys at The Guardian were on the spot with the review, saying "Samsung's cheaper, better high tech phone". Application Status

What are Tello Mobile Ready-Made Plans

Tello Mobile always offers its customers the best flexible plan. Tello customers can choose one of Tello's ready-made plans, or they can also build their own plan.

  • Economy Plan: The Tello economy plan offers unlimited calls/ unlimited texts and 1 GB of data for $10/month. The economy plan is economy, but a thing to keep in mind is that 1 GB of 5G is quite a certain thing.
  • Value Plan: For a little more data you can bump up to Value Plan which offers 2 GB data per month with unlimited talk and text for $14/month. The internet plan is not much but as valuable as the economy plan with just an extra $4.
  • Smart Plan: The Tello Smart Plan comes with 4 GB of data each month with unlimited text and calls. The plan costs just $19/month. 4 GB of data is pretty much enough if you are using it for watching movies, texting, and browsing on your device.
  • Tello Unlimited Data Plan: Tello unlimited data costs $39/month with 25 GB of high-speed 5G data(2 GB after use), unlimited talk and text, and free hotspot tethering too. A bit pricey, but the Tello Unlimited data plan is the best plan available for heavy data streamers,
  • Tello Design your own Plan: If any of the above plans do not fit your requirements, then you can design your own plan with Tello. Designing your own plan will cost between $5 to $39/month.

What Network Does Tello Mobile use?

Tello has tied up with T-Mobile to offer its services as a network provider. It will have similar coverage to that of T-Mobile, so if you are looking for a Tello coverage map then refer to the T-Mobile coverage map. [Also Read: Network that runs on TMobile]

You can also refer to the QLink compatible phones list

, Ultra Mobile phone & Assurance compatible phones the leading providers of ACP free phone program. We also have recently written about Tempo Wireless & Excess Telecom reviews.

Does Tello offer Free Government Phones?

Yes, the Tello network is officially approved to provide free government phone benefits to its customers. Once you are approved for the ACP, please contact the network to get on board. You can find Tello phone stands in major towns and cities in the USA.

Assurance Compatible Phones

Visible Compatible phones

Tello Coverage Map:

Wanted to check whether Tello services are available in your area or not, then follow this process -

  • Visit the official coverage page.
  • Now enter your address, city, and ZIP code to check coverage in your area.
  • The detailed coverage map will be visible.

Or alternatively tell your ZIP code to the customer care executive will let you know whether coverage in your area is available or not.

In Conclusion:

So those were the Tello Compatible phones list. I hope you have got a brief idea of what kind of phones does Tello provides.

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