Verizon ACP Program Enrollment for Discounted FIOS Home Internet

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Check out the Verizon ACP program enrollment process for discounted Home Internet FIOS services.

Verizon Wireless is one of the world's biggest telecom networks, with more than 150 million subscribers. We have already provided insightful info on its store timings, how to find a Verizon store nearby, and their plans to unveil the 6G network. In this particular piece of writing, I will go through a guide on the Verizon ACP program that governs eligible customers to get a monthly discount on Home internet, i.e., the Verizon FiOS services. So let's dive straight away into Verizon ACP plan details.

Verizon ACP Program:

We will go through the following topics of discussion -

About the Affordable Connectivity Program Verizon:

Through ACP subsidy, you can get up to a $30/month discount for eligible households on plans with internet access. Those who are living in the qualifying tribal lands can get up to a $75/month discount. So what is the ACP program and how you can qualify for it? Let's check it out in this article.

ACP stands for Affordable Connectivity Program, which was launched in 2020 to overcome the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Governed under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it's an extension of the long-run Lifeline program. Actually, the phone offers a monthly discount of $30 on wireless phone services along with a free phone and also entitles customers to claim a free tablet or a $100 discount on a laptop from a number of participating/approved telecom networks. So let's check out what you get with Verizon Wireless ACP benefit.

The program is actually designed keeping in mind the household to connect through the internet by achieving net neutrality.

Here is what you get with Verizon Fios ACP discount -

$30 or $75 monthly discount on home internet

i.e., if you are already using Verizon FiOS internet services if you enroll for ACP and qualify, then you get $30 discount credits. For example, if you are paying $50 a month, then you will have to pay only the reminder $20 and for those who are using the basic $30/month plan, you will have to pay nothing every month. That's almost free internet on Verizon or up to $360 yearly savings.

If you qualify for the ACP program, you will automatically qualify for Verizon Forward Program.

Talking about the ACP discount on mobile phones, Verizon offers it on their prepaid subsidiary, i.e., Total Wireless. You can learn more about the ACP discount on Total Wireless discount.

ACP Plan Details:

Here are the plan details offered -

 Plan Name Verizon Free FiOS
 ACP Wireless Phone Service  Yes, through Total Wireless
 ACP Internet Service  Provided
 Monthly Discount Credit  $30/month
 Official Page

Let's check out some of the Frequently asked questions -

Does Verizon participate in the ACP program?

Yes, Verizon is an approved telecom network by FCC to accept ACP registrations but the VZW discount is only applicable to FIOS internet services. For anyone looking for Verizon Free phone, then you should consider checking out the ACP program by Total Wireless because Total is a prepaid subsidiary of Verizon itself.

Cathect ACP Program

Frontier ACP program

EnTouch Wireless

Maryland Emergency Broadband Benefit (MEBB) program:

Customers who are enrolled in Federal Affordable Connectivity Program living in Maryland

are eligible to get another $15/month discount on their internet services. The MEBB program is expected to end when the programs’ funds are exhausted or on 12/31/23, whichever comes first.

Verizon ACP Phone Number for Complaint:

If you have any complaints, first try to call Verizon customer care and if it's still not resolved, then you can complain to FCC or call on 888-225-5322.


So that's all about the Verizon affordable connectivity program details. So officially discounted Verizon internet is available while for discounted free phone service you need to signup at Total Wireless.

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Verizon ACP Enrollment for Discount FIOS Home Internet
Check out the Verizon ACP program enrollment process for discounted Home internet FIOS services.
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