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A girl enjoying coffee while browsing on Frontier ACP Program free internet discount service

A girl browsing on Frontier Internet ACP discount service while having a cup of coffee

We quickly take a jibe at Frontier ACP program, a registered internet provider that offers government scheme discounts.

We are currently in a race to quickly cover articles on all government phone companies that offer free smartphones, whether it's small or big. Infact small and unknown companies offer better benefits to customers because they want to grow their customer base quickly. You might not have heard about Frontier Communications which offers Internet services to residential, small businesses, and enterprises. In this article, we will go through Frontier ACP program details that offer eligible households free or low-cost internet services by providing them up to $30 in credits a month. So let's go through details on how to get free Frontier Internet services.

Frontier ACP Program:

What is Frontier?

You might know that the Affordable Connectivity Program i.e., ACP is a government assistance program that helps poor/needy people provide basic connectivity features like discounted wireless phone service, free tablet PCs, a discount of $100 on laptop purchases, and even discounted internet service from the previously known Lifeline program.

Frontier Low Income Internet:

Frontier Communications can also be known as a low-income internet provider because it's an approved service provider that offers discounts on internet services.

The followings are the Frontier internet plans and ACP discount that you get with each of the plans and the amount that you might need to pay.

 Frontier Internet Plan Name Price ACP Discount You Pay
Frontier Essentials Internet $29.99 -$29.99 $0
Fiber Internet 100 Mbps $29.99 -$29.99 $0
Fiber Internet 500 Mbps $39.99 -$30 $9.99
Fiber Internet Gig Service $39.99 -$30 $29.99
Fiber Internet 2 GB Speed $149.99 -$30 $119.99

If you check out the plans, clearly the first two plans are absolutely free for you, as you don't have to pay anything for them.

For other internet plans, the $30 credit is adjusted in the total billing. Like for example, if you go with a 2 GB fiber internet plan which costs around $149.99/month, you will be charged $119.99 only.

How to Apply:

In order to apply, visit the company's official website and click to See if You Qualify. Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the signup.

Please follow this procedure of 3 steps to complete the process -

  1. Click on Apply for the Program which will take you to the Facebook Messenger step-by-step process guide.
  2. That process will also guide you through eligibility and application.
  3. Once applied, it's time to choose the internet plan that you want.

If that doesn't work, then please contact the Frontier phone numbers.

Order Status:

You can also check the order status on the company's official website as well.

Frontier ACP Phone Number:

To know more or to signup, you can dial toll-free at 1.800.921.8104 & connect to a human agent on the phone and speak out your query regarding anything. The customer care agent would be happy to help you.

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So that's all about the Frontier ACP Program as an ACP-registered low-cost internet service provider and that's the process on how to apply for low-cost internet from Frontier Communications. Similar plans are been offered by Verizon Wireless, Natural Wireless, & Cox Internet.

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ACP Program Frontier - ACP Discounted Internet Services
We quickly take a jibe at Frontier ACP program, a registered low income internet provider that offers government scheme discounts.
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