Top 6 Big Selfie Ring Light with Stand/Phone Holder 2023

Big Selfie Ring lights

Big Ring Light: Here are the best big selfie ring light with stand for YouTube streaming/Tiktok/Makeup to buy online.

With the growth of photos-based social networks, there is an increased need to improve photography. You can improve your photography skills to show the professional level by adding some types of equipment to your camera and one of them is selfie ring lights. We have already gone through some of the best selfie ring lights for YouTube streaming and Instagram photos, and here we go through a list of the big selfie ring light.

So let's get started -

Big Selfie Ring Light:

So the question is why use big selfie ring light that is the standard normal 8 inches or 10 inches or 12 inches? So take that question as well here.

When selfie ring lights were first launched they came with a standard 8-inch but soon became very popular among YouTubers. So, the manufacturers came up with more sizes so that they can add mobile phones as well as tablet PCs too on it. You can do photography or videos even using larger screen tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ too.

I believe that 18" and 21" ring lights are more than enough for photography through digital cameras and phones.

Here are some of the top big selfie ring lights with stand -

Product Name Price Buy Now
InkelTech 21 Inch Light $112.95 Buy Now
Neewer 18" Ring Light $79 Buy Now
Hifier 21 Inch Ring Light $97 Buy Now
MRZ 18" Selfie Light $81 Buy Now
18" InkelTech Ring Light $68 Buy Now
24" Ring Light - -

Inkeltech 21 inch Ring Light with Tripod

Inkeltech is a popular brand when it comes to camera essentials, and they have both 21 inch and 18-inch ring lights. If you are looking for a premium big-size ring light with a phone holder stand and tripod then look no further as the Inkeltech ring light with the 21-inch size is here.

It's a bestseller on Amazon with a 4.7-star rating and quickly growing popularity. It's priced at $112.95, but the quality is awesome and unbelievable. Buy it once, and you will not have to look further for years.


  • Intelligent and quick color change
  • Phone charging and large sized
  • IR Remote and Selfie Controller
  • 360-degree phone holder and light stand

Price: $112.95


  • Amazing build quality
  • Quick Color changer that produces smooth colors

Neewer 18" Ring Light

Neewer is a popular brand when it comes to camera essentials, and their 18-inch ring light receives a 4.7-star rating from 50,000+ customers on Amazon who purchased it and we are personally using this for videos on my YouTube Channel.

The Neewer 18" Ring Light is popular for the reason that it's compact, lightweight, and thus perfectly portable.


  • 3-color lighting modes: Warm Light, Cool White, and Yellow Light, and each mode has 10 brightness levels
  • Adjustable tripod stand
  • Remote controlled
  • 360 degree adjustable
  • 18"(48 cm) Outer 55W 5500K 240 pieces LED bulbs

Price: $78.19


  1. Adjustable Tripod
  2. 3 color light modes for best auto light settings & various brightness levels

21 inch Ring Light:

If you need anything more than 18-inch then go with the Hifier 21-inch LED ring light with 10 brightness levels with 3 color temperatures. It has three different phone holders, which makes it unique.

This is how we have three different phone holders.

Price: $97.00

18" Selfie Ring Light for Photography

Made by MRZ Store, this 18-inch selfie ring light is for photography/makeup/TikTok/YouTube videos.

The company makes lights from 10 inches to 18 inches and one can choose according to their needs and requirements and also comes with 2 years replacement warranty for general wear and tear.


  • Extendable & stable tripod stand
  • 2 in 1 remote control
  • 1o" to 18" ring light
  • 2 years replacement warranty

Price: $80.99

18" Inkeltech Ring Light

This Inkeltech light ring comes with 18 inches 60W Dimmable LED with Stand. It has adjustable 3000-6000 K Color temperature lighting for Vlog, Makeup, YouTube, camera, photo, video, and a Control with a Remote.

It's 360-degree rotatable and there is a phone holder with light. The adjustable light stand range is 20 to 75 inches.

Price: $67.95

24 Inch Ring Light

Days are not far when manufacturers will come out with a 24-inch size of the same product. Manufacturers are you listing, I am are eagerly waiting for it.

In the Nutshell:

So those were some of the best big selfie ring light with stand. As we arrive at a conclusion, InkelTech and Neewer remain popular brands in this category and people have no hesitation in choosing either 18" or 21" sizes. I also recommend going with these popular brands' products but it more depends on your budget for this because the camera equipment itself are costly.

Neewer Ring Light ⊇ 18-inch

InkelTech Ring Light ⊇ 18" Inch and 21" Inch

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Which one did you like or looking to order?

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