15 Best Selfie Ring Light with Stand Online

Selfie ring light with stand

Here we have gone through some of the best selfie ring light with stands for fitful tripod photography from smartphones, & digital cameras.

We do a lot for a perfect photo, and a professional photo requires a lot of tools. Apart from a good camera, the lighting is the icing on the cake. Camera flashlights are always deceptive and might not help in cases like shooting for vblogging on YouTube, TikTok, make-up, video conferences, and live-streaming and this is why selfie ring lights have become popular.

Ring Light with Stand:

Now that you know what is ring lights and why are they used, you might be thinking of one, let's go through some of the best hand-picked ring lights on Amazon -

TaoTronics Ring Light with Remote Control

Starting with the best in this list, we have the 12-inch Ring Light from TaoTronics a tech gadgets maker. Believe me, it's the most advanced selfie right light available on the market right. Although it's a bit higher in terms of price, trust me you will see amazing results while using it for photos. This comes with adjustable heights that make it ideal for both desktop and floor use. It has an amazing Amazon rating of 4.6 out of 5 on its product listing page.

At a price of $75, you will get both a tripod and ring light (adjustable). The big advantage is that it comes with remote control for every function like colour temperature, brightness level, preset light mode, Power On/OFF, Camera shutter, & Bluetooth pairing. It's compatible with iPhone and other Android phones like Samsung, Sony, & Blu Bold like us smartphones.

Further, coming to the feature required i.e., the lighting, it comes with 24W power output and has the possibility of having 50 different lighting modes. That's amazing, isn't it?

Here is how these 50 shooting modes are made -

  1. 3 lighting modes
  2. 10 brightness levels
  3. 5 colour temperatures


Let's highlight the features of our top recommended ring light -

  • 78" Tripod stand with ring light
  • Adjustable height
  • Remote control
  • Charging USB port
  • Light remote control for Zoom call meeting live stream video

Price: $75.65

There is also a 14" Selfie light with the same feature.

10" Selfie Ring Light

This 10-inch selfie ring light with stand-by Sensyne Store is a good choice as it receives a 4.6 rating out of 5 on the Amazon product listing page. Wow! That is cool.

It's compatible with all smartphones including locked/unlocked Samsung mobiles, iPhones on TracFone, Verizon Wireless, Cricket Wireless, AT&T, and other networks.


  • High brightness & clever touch control
  • Versatile accessories
  • Fully customizable portal tripod stand
  • Wireless remote shutter

10" RGB Selfie Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

For those who love colour, this RGB selfie ring light has 6 RGB colours, and 9 lighting modes. Apart from all the basic selfie ring light functions, this gadget by Zacro has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Equipped with a Bluetooth remote, you can leave the phone and use the remote to take pictures compatible with Android and iOS devices.


  • Dimmable light colors and brightness mode
  • Universal phone holder
  • 2-meter USB cable
  • Stable Tripod + Adjustable telescopic tube
  • Reliable tripod stand
  • Bluetooth remote control to take pictures

Desktop Ring Light:

Need a selfie ring light for your desktop, this one by Rovtop is the best one for make-up videos and live-streaming. It comes with 10-level brightness and 3 light tunes (warm, natural, and cold).

It's the cheapest ring light with a stand available online.

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  • Adjustable lights with dimmable LED bulbs
  • Tripods range from 16" to 51"
  • Rotatable universal phone holder
  • Phone holder with two positions

Multi Phone Holder Ring Light:

Bigger is better! If you need big sized selfie ring light then go with the Inkeltech 21-inch LED ring light with 10 brightness levels with 3 color temperatures. Although it might be pricey, it is one of the popular brands when it comes to choosing one in this category.

This is how we have three different phone holders.

Price: $112.00

Ring Light for iPhone:

iPhone + selfie light forms a perfect combination for taking photos and videos. Remember that a few movies were picturized on iPhone


With 1200 customers rating it at 4.5 stars out of 5, this iPhone selfie ring light is a perfect one. Priced at $21, this comes in a 10-inch size and has a remote for brightness control directly. You can rotate the pan head 360 degrees and it's perfect for Live Streaming/Makeup/YouTube Videos/Photography with compatibility for iPhone Android.

Big Selfie Ring Light

Well, how big can be the circular light? Normally these gadgets are available in 8", 10", and 12" sizes but there is one big 18-inch ring light with model number Neewer SRP18-2.4G, possibly the highest brightness selfie light available with 42W power output. The light stand is constructed with aluminum alloy, providing exceptional strength & life.


  • 42W power output
  • 2.4G remote control with advanced controls
  • Hot Shoe adapter
  • Universal power adapter with US plug
  • Bluetooth remote

12 Inch Selfie Ring Light

Here are the top 12-inch Ring lights for streaming -

TONOR 12-inch Ring Light:

With Bluetooth remote this 12-inch ring light from Tonor is perfect one.

10 Inch Selfie Light

This 10-inch ring light for video blogging is perfectly suitable for those people who want to fit this device into their carry bag.

8 Inch Selfie Light

8" Selfie Ring Light with Selfie Stick Tripod for Live Stream/Makeup, Save your Mini LED Camera Selfie Ringlight for YouTube Video/Photography Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR Android

Big Selfie Ring Light

Selfie light under $30:

Limited with a budget of $30. There are a lot of options available. Here is the one that should be perfect for your needs -

My Feedback:

As we arrive at conclusion, let me tell you that choosing a selfie ring light should be harder.

While choosing one for yourself, you should check out the following four things (weighted equally)-

  1. Total number of reviews
  2. The average rating should be above 4.1 or more
  3. It should have more 5-star rating
  4. Check out customer feedback before ordering one for yourself

It's pretty straightforward on what you need, as features are based on the price tag attached to it. TaoTronics Selfie Ring Light with remote control is the one that I recommend the most. And if you need customization then I have listed some under 12", 10-inch, and some under $30.

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We found Neewer brand manufactured accessories for mobile very helpful, and long-standing but it's definitely worth its price.

So those were some best Ring light with stand for perfect smartphone photography.

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Here we have gone through some top Ring Light with Stand for fitful tripod photography from smartphones, & digital cameras required for live streaming, makeup video, how to tutorials on YouTube.
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