10 Best BLU G90 Pro Tips and Tricks - Hidden Menu & How to

BLU G90 Pro tips and tricks

We have already gone through 5 reasons why BLU G90 Pro is the best ever BLU Phone and through this, we will be going through BLU G90 Pro user manual download, factory reset, Android updates, how to take screenshot steps, and lot more.

Talking about BLU G90 Pro, it's advertised as a gaming phone but it has many more things like quad rear camera, 5000 mAh battery with quick charge. Its successor will be called BLU G91 Max or BLU G91S.

BLU G90 Pro Tips Tricks

  1. BLU G90 Pro USB Drivers
  2. Screenshot on G90 Pro
  3. BLU G90 Pro SIM Card
  4. BLU G90 Pro Root
  5. Booting BLU G90 Pro in Recovery Mode
  6. Factory Reset
  7. BLU G90 Pro User Manual
  8. Hard Reset BLU G90 Pro
  9. BLU G90 Pro Android updates
  10. Find IMEI number on BLU G90 Pro
  11. BLU G90 Pro Battery
  12. Software Update
  13. BLU G90 Pro Display

Screenshot on BLU G90 Pro

For the BLU G90 Pro screenshot, follow this -

  • Press the Volume Down + Power button together at once.
  • You will see flash animation on your device and also hear a shutter click sound.
  • That's it. Done!

Here is the video guide -

BLU G90 Pro USB Drivers

You can download the BLU G90 Pro USB drivers from here.

BLU G90 Pro SIM Card

This latest BLU Phone comes with the following network band supports -

  • 4G LTE: (1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/28)
  • 3G: (850/900/1700/1900/2100)

That means it includes US compatibility Nationwide on all GSM Networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, TracFone, Simple Wireless, US Cellular, EasyGo Wireless, Cricket Wireless, Metro PCS, Black Wireless, and others. That also means that BLU G90 Pro is not compatible with CDMA Networks like Verizon, Sprint, and Boost Mobile. You can read more about this on BLU Phone network compatibility.

Are you having trouble with SIM card installation, then here is our definitive guide on BLU phone SIM card installation.

BLU G90 Pro Root

No root guide available yet but you can try it with famous root apps like Framaroot or Kingroot. If that doesn't work then please try out the other Android apps to root phone.

Boot BLU G90 Pro in Recovery Mode

In order to boot your BLU G90 Pro in recovery mode, first, turn off the device and then press the power button and Volume Up button together at once.

Once you do that you will see the recovery mode menu.

There you go!

Factory Reset BLU G90 Pro

In order to factory reset, you can go to Setting > Backup & reset. Now tap on the Reset phone.

Check the full BLU G90 Pro reset guide with step-by-step instructions.

BLU G90 Pro Software Update | BLU G90 Pro Firmware Download

Follow the below video guide for BLU phone software updates -

Finding IMEI Number on BLU G90 Pro

We have gone through a guide on how to find the BLU G90 Pro IMEI number. Follow this guide.

BLU G90 Pro User Manual

You can find BLU G90 Pro manual from here.

How to Connect BLU G90 Pro to PC

If are you looking to back up data on your phone, then here is the guide on how to connect G90 Pro to PC.

BLU G90 Pro Screen Replacement

For BLU G90 Pro display replacement, you can read our details here.

BLU G90 Pro Stock ROM

You can download the stock ROM from here.

BLU G90 Pro Won't Boot

There are several reasons why your phone isn't able to boot. It could be the problem with the Power button or a different problem altogether. We have gone through a guide on why you are not able to boot BLU G90 Pro.

BLU G90 Pro Battery

Batteries can last up to 2 to 3 years, after that you will have to replace it with a new one. Here is the guide for BLU phone battery replacement.

BLU G90 Pro Display Screen Replacement:

The G90 Pro display screen can be replaced at the authorized service centers if your phone is under warranty.

BLU G90 Pro Software Update/Firmware Download

BLU only provides software support to a limited number of smartphones. BLU G90 Pro is one of them eligible for the Android 10 update.

Track Calls on BLU G90:

You can use call tracking apps to track calls.

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So, that's the BLU G90 tips and tricks for you. Do let us know what problem you have with your device.

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10 Best BLU G90 Pro Tips and Tricks - Stock ROM, Drivers, Hard Reset, Android Updates, Screenshot
Through this, we will be going through BLU G90 Pro user manual download, factory reset, Android updates, and how to take a screenshot steps.
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