Cheap BLU Phones - Why are Blu Phones so Cheap

We run a fan-based website based on BLU Products, an unlocked smartphone seller based in Miami, Florida. Today at our Facebook Group, one user asked "Why are Blu Phones so cheap" and here was my answer to that question.

To answer this question, I would like to talk about BLU Phones and their launches until now.

Cheap BLU Phones:

BLU Products started its operation in 2009. Earlier for few years, they unveiled few keypad phones but soon then shifted to Android-powered touchscreen phones.

Since their inception, they have come up with several smartphones under 100 USD and 200 USD. They were so vigorous in launching new phones every month.

But in 2018, BLU Products CEO, Mr. Samuel Ohev Zion made an important decision to come out with a limited number of models a year. Since then the company is really focusing on its smartphones.

Why are Blu Phones so Cheap:

Ok, let me answer why are BLU phones cheap.

BLU has targeted customers who have a low budget for their smartphones or for those who need a non-costly second line. This is why you see many phones by BLU in the range of $50 to $150.

Here are the different ranges of Cheap BLU Phones -

BLU Phone under $50

The BLU mobiles are also available for under $50 too. Infact you have a choice here as well.

For $50, all-new BLU Advance S50 should be your choice or BLU Studio X10 is the other option. Running on the latest Android 10 Go Edition OS, this smartphone is great.

BLU Advance A4 should be your pick for a mobile under $40


TracFone BLU View 1: The BLU View 1 is available for $26 at TracFone.

BLU Phone under $100

At $100, the BLU Vivo X6 is a great choice.

BLU Vivo X6 screen replacement | BLU Vivo X6 Cases

So that's the story of cheap BLU Phones and reasons why BLU Phones are cheap.

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