BLU Phones Warranty – What is Covered & Not Covered

Check out BLU Phones warranty on the handset, battery, accessories, terms, how to claim warranty, what’s not covered & faqs.

So, you have a BLU Phone and you have arrived on this page searching for warranty on BLU phones. Here we go through everything you need to know about your device warranty.

BLU Phones Warranty

All the BLU smartphones come with an official 1-year warranty from the date of purchase and 6 months on the accessories. The warranty of 6 months applies for the phone battery as well.

So here are the BLU warranty terms:

Type Warranty Validity
Handset 1 Year
Battery 6 Months
Accessories 6 Months

Warranty on BLU Phones

This warranty on Blu phones is conditioned on the proper use of the device. The following things are covered and not covered in the warranty provided by the company.

What is BLU Warranty Doesn’t Cover

  • Defect or damage resulting from in proper use of the device
  • Misuse of the device
  • Damage due to an accident
  • Damage is due to abnormal conditions
  • Exposure to sand, dirt, moisture, dampness, electrical
  • Device that as improper serial number
  • Device that has damage, altered or defaced the serial number
  • Defects due to the unofficial use of the accessories
  • Defects due to virus or other software problems
  • Defects due to Custom Firmware or device is broken

BLU Phone Repair Terms & Conditions

The company will repair your BLU smartphone or get it replaced it without any charge if it qualifies and doesn’t fall under above mentioned Not Covered. The repaired product or part or accessory will be valid for the remainder of the original Limited Warranty on the product or for 90 days(whichever is longer).

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Some of the devices might come with an additional warranty on both the device and accessories but usually, that’s not the case unless and until specified by the company.


What happens if I get the device repaired just one month before the warranty expires? Will I get more warranty?

Answer: The warranty for will be valid until the remainder of the original product warranty or for the 90 days, whichever is longer.

What’s the warranty on BLU phone headphones?

Answer: All the BLU phone accessories(until and unless exceptionally mentioned) includes 6 months validity from the date of device purchase. The same goes with the 3.5 mm headphone that you got with the device out of the box. If it’s gone and it’s out of warranty, then don’t worry, purchase a wide range of headphones on Amazon which includes Over Ear headphones, Earbuds, On-Ear headphones even within your budget.

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How long is the warranty on Battery

Answer: As I said above, all the BLU phones(until and unless exceptionally mentioned) comes with 6 months warranty from the date of purchase of the device, the same goes with your BLU phone battery. If it’s damaged, then you either need to replace it with the new one by going to BLU service center near me.

There is also a Take back program by BLU Products, through which you can return your device for recycling.

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Check out BLU Phones warranty on the handset, battery, accessories, terms, how to claim warranty, what's not covered & faqs.
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