All BLU Custom ROMs Download

BLU Custom ROMs

Here on this page, I will be listing out all BLU Custom ROMs that are available for your device.

Need a custom ROM for BLU? You have arrived on the right page. I am Yogesh Khetani who runs this website and in this article, I will be listing the best BLU Custom ROM available for your phone.

Android OS gives freedom to change themes, root the device, and modify it as per your needs. The biggest advantage is that Android is an open-source platform, i.e., it allows many developers to join the community. The Android Developer Community is quite big and it gives freedom for everyone to come up with BLU Custom ROMs and custom BLU Android builds.

For those needs, advanced customizations like changing ROMs and installing BLU custom Firmware are also possible.

BLU Custom ROMs

For those who don't prefer the stock ROMs, they can go with custom ROMs, which come with a number of features and improvements.

Generally, the following are the best Custom ROMs for BLU and other Android phones available in the market:

Lineage OS for BLU

Lineage OS is the biggest name when it comes to the Custom ROM for Android mobiles. Previously known as the CyanogenOS, the developers behind the company have kept alive the project under a different name called LineageOS since 2016.

LineageOS is built on Google's AOSP code and it's been also used as the base OS for various other developers. It comes with support for up to 200 devices.

The LineageOS ROM offers to build for Android 12, Android 11, Android Pie(9.x), Android Oreo(8.0 and 8.1), Android Nougat(7.x), and Marshmallow(6.x) devices.

:arrow: Download LineageOS for BLU Phones

LineageOS for BLU Pure XL

Lineage OS stable for BLU Vivo 5 & 5R

Lineage OS for BLU R1 HD - Read here

Paranoid Android for BLU

Paranoid Android is the most acclaimed custom ROM of all time. As a special feature, it includes Hover Mode.

Carbon ROM for BLU Phones

The Carbon ROMs team is growing fast although they started operations last year itself.

Resurrection Remix ROMs for BLU Phones

For those who want a ton of features on their device, they can go for the Resurrection Remix ROMs.

PureNexus ROMs for BLU

The PureNexus project is been around for a long time now. The best thing about it: there are no bugs or lags.

SlimROMs for BLU

If you want your ROM to have minimal settings and features, then SlimROM as it's the lightest custom ROM available. It's based on AOSP code.

Note: Installing a Custom ROM on your phone requires to have unlocked bootloaders and a Custom recovery like CWM or TWRP installed. Installing a BLU Custom ROM will void your device warranty (Keep that in mind and proceed) however, but a warranty can be reclaimed by installing back the BLU Stock ROMs on your device. For that, you need to create a backup of your existing ROM.

BLU G91 Max ROM:

As of now, we don't see any custom ROM for BLU G91 Max.


As of now, we don't see any custom ROM for BLU F91 5G.


As of now, we don't see any custom ROM for BLU V91.


As of now, we don't see any custom ROM for BLU G91.

BLU G90 Pro Custom ROM: Not available

BLU G90 Custom ROM: Not available

BLU G9 Custom ROM:

The LineageOS is compatible with BLU G9.

So these were the ROMs that you can port to your existing BLU G91, BLU Vivo XL3 Plus, or any other phone. Remember that you will also need BLU USB drivers in order to connect your device to your PC.

Also, posting any custom ROM installation requires flashing a GApps package such as BeanGApp and OpenGApp to your device in order to get the Google Accounts.

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Here in this page, I will be listing out all BLU Custom ROMs that are available for your device. The BLU Custom Firmware for your device.
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