Where to Buy BLU Phone Battery - Replacement, Fix Not Charging Problem

Is your BLU phone battery behaving awkwardly? Awkward, means it's fully charged and then battery goes to 30% or even less? It's an indication that it's time to replace it.

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BLU Phone Battery

The first and foremost thing I would like to tell you about BLU Phone battery replacement is to contact BLU Customer care in this regard. You can even directly visit their service centres spread across the world. The customer service representative will also tell you visiting the nearest service centre, and they will ask for your address to locate nearby BLU service center/provider.

Another thing which I forget to mention is that you should check out your BLU phone warranty, generally, battery on mobiles have a 6-month warranty.

Why the BLU Phone Battery is Giving Problems?

Each and everything in this world comes with validity. Even we humans can't live for more than 122 years [Guinness records of oldest persons]. Similarly, smartphones and their parts have a different lifespan.

Let's focus on smartphone batteries, for sure a smartphone battery can't last for more th

an 5 years. For low-cost mobiles, the battery lifespan is comparatively low. For BLU, you can expect a battery life up to 2-3 years maximum. After that, you will have to replace it or replace your phone.

BLU Phone Battery Replacement:

At the BLU service center, you will know what's the actual scene is with your device. If the battery is really the problem, then you need to replace it. They will tell you the cost. It's your call now.

You have two options here -

  • Get Original Battery from BLU Service Center
  • Get a Replacement Battery

We recommend you to get an original OEM battery from BLU, whatever may be the cost. If you are looking for battery for BLU phone, then you can search on -

BLU Phone Battery Wont Charge

If you think that your phone battery is not charging, then please check the USB cable once, is it fine or not. Try charging with another cable and see.

Here you need to determine a few things like -

  1. Is USB cable working fine or not?
  2. Is your phone USB port ok?
  3. Is it a software glitch?

BLU G91 Pro Battery:

You can follow the above-mentioned guide when you have troubled with the BLU G91 Pro battery and if doesn't work then order one replacement battery.

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Where to Buy BLU Phone Battery - Replacement, Fix BLU Phone Battery Wont Charge
Is your BLU phone battery behaving awkwardly? It's an indication that it's time for BLU Phone battery replacement. Also find guide to BLU Phone Battery Wont Charge.
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