BLU Phone Troubleshooting Guide - Fix BLU Phone Issues, Problems

BLU phone troubleshooting

Here we go through several BLU Phone Troubleshooting Guides, tips and tricks, and common problem fixes.

The phone is a daily driver and it's nothing less than your companion, a daily driver that you carry all the time. You use it for an alarm clock, communicate with your friends using voice/video calls, interact using WhatsApp, use it as a GPS device and you can do many things. As such, you may find several BLU phone issues and problems, so we have developed one post guide to help you fix those common BLU phone problems.

BLU Phone Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is a process for a form to repair failing products or processes. For instance, if your phone has been powered off immediately it needs to troubleshoot to fix the problem like -

How do fix the BLU phone which is not being charged

Follow the process mentioned below -

  • First, check the phone whether it is charged or not.
  • Then check if the charger provided with the phone works by trying it on another phone.
  • Secure the cable in the charger and check if the outlet is working by connecting it to any other electronic device.
  • Now, if you have connected your phone and if it is powered off and being charged you can restart right away. If your battery is low you will get a battery symbol and let it charge for at least 30 minutes and there you go your phone will start responding.

BLU Phone Text Message Problems

Certain users have reported that they have a problem with loading message conversations. Many have reported that they are unable to send or receive messages.

First, check these -

  • Your device storage is full or not?
  • There is proper network coverage.

Also then do this step -

Go to Settings > Apps, select the Messaging app, and tap on Clear Cache.

Now try. The BLU phone texting problem will go away.

How to fix a BLU Android device that is Restarting or Crashing

It is the most common problem faced by Android users. There might be many reasons for the device restarting or crashing.

  • Downloading bad apps may be a major reason. Install the apps you have not been using and upgrade all the apps.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the Android system software.
  • Free up space full stop and delete all the necessary photos, videos, audio, and GIFs. The other most convenient option if you want to free up space and don't want to delete the media you can move everything to Google Photos. I have used the Google photos apps for many years and find it the most suitable way of giving space to the device. If all these do not work you need to Factory Reset the device.

BLU Phone won't Turn on

A BLU phone not powering ON or a BLU phone screen not turning on means the same. There is a detailed guide on BLU phone is not Powering on.

BLU Phone Bluetooth Problem

Here is a quick guide on how to fix the Bluetooth cache -

  1. Firstly go to Settings and then turn on Bluetooth.
  2. Make Sure your device is discoverable.
  3. Update the Bluetooth and other apps if not updated.
  4. Then if you have a long list of pay devices clear some of them.
  5. Make sure the data you transferring is not correct and that devices are close enough to each other.
  6. Don't run the other apps while connecting the devices.
  7. Check whether the Bluetooth version of both devices is compatible.
  8. If the battery level of both devices is low then charge the phone and then try to connect.

BLU Phone Not Connecting to WiFi - Problem Issues

Are you facing the issue of the BLU phone won't connect to Wi-Fi i.e., you are having connectivity issues?

Wi-Fi not being connected is, unfortunately, the most common problem faced by smartphone users. Here is a quick guide and how to fix Wi-Fi issues.

  1. Check if there is a good network to connect the Wi-Fi.
  2. Make sure your mobile data is turned off and Wi-Fi is turned on on your Android device.
  3. See whether Airplane mode is turned off on your device. If it is turned on Wi-Fi may not get the connection.
  4. Double-check the network name and password because this happens sometimes as your neighbor may have the same network ISP. So it will be better to recheck.
  5. If all the above does not work you should restart your device and if this also does not work you need to call the repairman.

If you get any Wi-Fi connection issues, then the troubleshooting involves resetting the network settings on your mobile phone.

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BLU Phone Screen Problems

Sometimes your Android device screens me with no response due to various reasons. You should either consider BLU phone screen replacement or change the BLU mobile display screen.

Here is the way to fix them -

  1. Make sure your hands are dry and oil-free.
  2. Sometimes when a device has been charging the screen does not respond due to high-intensity electricity being passed on the device.
  3. Too many apps used at the same time may also result in this. Make sure you don't use all the apps at the same time.
  4. If you have dropped your phone in the water this may be the reason for the screen not being able to respond.
  5. For this, you need to quickly remove the battery, SIM, and SD card and towel dry all the removable. The best option is to place them in the sun and later dry them for some time.
  6. Rebooting or factory resetting may also help to solve this problem.
  7. For this long press power off button and then press and hold the power button and volume button up or down in some phones at the same time.
  8. Then released both the button and the Android symbol will appear.
  9. Tab on the Volume button to choose the Factory reset and Power button to confirm.
  10. Factory reset will clear the data such as photos and media contacts files so make sure to backup them before this process.

If the device has random ghost touches, then we have also gone through a guide on how to fix that.

BLU Phone Camera Not Working

Here is the detailed guide on how to fix camera not working on the BLU phone.

BLU Phone SIM Card Not Working

Sometimes your BLU device might not recognize the SIM card. Here you need to make sure that of what network is supported by your mobile phone. All the BLU phone comes with US compatibility Nationwide on all GSM Networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Metro PCS, and others, and these phones are not compatible with CDMA networks such as Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and Boost Mobile.

Please contact your mobile phone provider service center and you can also contact BLU phone customer care for help in fixing the BLU sim card that isn't detecting.

Unsupported File Text Message:

Some users are facing the issue in text messages where the error reads "Unsupported file messages". To solve this problem I would suggest you read our solution to the Unsupported file text message error.

Why Does my BLU Phone Keep Restarting:

Your BLU phone doesn't matter whether it's the BLU G91S, or BLU G91 Pro or an entry-level mobile phone, just like other Android phones it might be stuck in the boot loop, or perhaps there is an issue that you can find. Try deleting the recent apps that you have installed and if that even doesn't work then soft reset your phone. If that still doesn't fix your issue, then a hard reset is the final solution.

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So that's how you fix BLU phone issues via the BLU phone troubleshooting guide.

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