How to Hard Reset BLU Phone - Factory Reset a BLU Phone

BLU Hard reset phone: Check out how you can hard reset your BLU phone & tablet easily.

We have already gone through a guide on how to factory reset BLU mobile, so why are we writing this reset guide again? Confused? I was too confused when I heard the term first time, and then I dug deep into the difference. The guide previously we wrote was a soft reset on your device and here you are concerned more about your BLU Bold Like Us phone. Here we go through instructions on how to hard reset BLU Phone & you can include a tablet PC as well because the guide is the same because the Android version on both devices are same(unlike Apple devices which have separate iOS for iPhone and iPadOS for iPads manufactured by them).

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So what is actually a Hard reset and how it's different from a normal soft reset? In this piece of writing, we will be learning some important things like - What is Hard Reset? How to do it on your phone? What are the consequences and what to do and what not to?

Factory Reset BLU Phone

What is Hard Reset?

To put it in simple words, a Hard Reset on a BLU phone or any other smartphone will restore your smartphone to default settings. Once the process is done, your phone gets faster and works efficiently. There are many other advantages and we have gone through them in the Pros & Cons section.

Soft Teset vs Hard Reset:

In the hard reset process, your phone will be completely empty like the new one and existing data will be lost. In soft reset, you will not have to set up your phone once again and data will stay intact. So that's the main difference.

Factory reset or Meta mode or development mode does mean the same.

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Here we go through the guide on how to hard reset BLU smartphones easily.


Hard resetting a phone will do the following -

  • It makes your device new again
  • It clears up unwanted trash and junk files
  • It also makes the functioning of the system smooth and efficient
  • RAM consumption will be lesser
  • Good for long battery life and life span


While it can't be considered a con because hard resetting your handset will only improve your device in every aspect make sure to backup your data at a safe place before deciding.

How to Factory Reset a BLU Phone

Follow this guide:

  • On your phone, go to Settings.
  • Then go to Backup and Reset. Sometimes it's found under Additional Settings in some other models.
  • Now select the 'Factory Data Reset' option.
  • Your device will warn you to back up your data. I am sure you have taken it as shown in the precautions above. If no backup is needed, then you can directly proceed.
  • Now click on "Reset Phone" to fully reset your phone.
  • It will again ask for confirmation. You can safely proceed.

Hard Reset BLU Phone

Follow the process mentioned below in order to achieve a BLU phone hard reset :

  • First, turn off your smartphone completely by pressing the power button.
  • Now press the Volume Up and Power button together at once.
  • Remember, you need to press them together. If you press the Volume Down + Power button, you will end up taking a screenshot on your device. It's the Volume Up + Power button for about 2-3 seconds.
  • You will see the recovery menu (safe mode) if you are successful. Note that in the Recovery Menu, the Volume Up/Down buttons are used to scroll through the options, and the Power button is used to select the highlighted option.
  • Among the recovery options, select 'Wipe Data/Factory Reset' in order to reset your phone. You can do it using the available buttons on your device, i.e., the Volume Rocker keys and Power button.
  • Once you have done this, you will be returned to the Recovery menu again.
  • Now select "Reboot System Now" to boot your device normally and to get out of the recovery mode as well.

Preparing Your Phone

Just before performing this action, you should make sure of the following -

  • Battery Life: Ensure that you have charged your smartphone to 50% of battery life because if it is running out of battery then you will not be able to achieve the BLU phone reset.
  • Backing up Data: Also, make sure that you have taken a backup of important data present on your phone if you are going to install the software in recovery mode.
  • Remember Account Passwords: During factory reset, all the accounts like Google Accounts, and Gmail ID would be logged out and you will have to re-enter your account credentials. So make sure you remember your password although there are ways in which you can reset your forgotten Gmail password. Remember there are separate instructions for phones, desktops, or iPhones/iPads.
  • Mobile Data or WiFi: Once your factory reset, you will have to setup your device to a new and this will require mobile data or Wi-Fi for data retrieval from the cloud to your phone. Make sure you have a good mobile data plan or unlimited WiFi because it can be sometimes in GB and your data can be easily exhausted.
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This guide works on the following smartphones including BLU handsets on TracFone or other carriers -

  • BLU X22
  • BLU F92E
  • Bold N2
  • BLU View Flex
  • BLU F91
  • BLU G91 Pro
  • BLU G91 Max
  • BLU G91
  • BLU G90
  • BLU View 1 lt25h426271b
  • BLU G71L
  • BLU G90 Pro
  • BLU Vivo X6
  • BLU J7L
  • BLU Vivo XII
  • BLU Vivo XL5
  • BLU Vivo X5
  • Bold N1
  • Bold T5
  • Bold T5 Plus
  • BLU Vivo XI+
  • BLU G9
  • BLU G9 Pro
  • BLU G8
  • BLU G6
  • BLU G5
  • BLU G5 Plus
  • BLU J6
  • BLU J8
  • BLU Vivo XL4
  • BLU Vivo XL3 Plus
  • BLU Vivo XL3
  • BLU Vivo Go
  • BLU Studio G3
  • BLU Vivo 8
  • BLU Vivo 8L
  • BLU Vivo XI
  • BLU Vivo XI Plus
  • BLU C6
  • BLU Studio Mega 2018
  • & all other BLU phones

Some Important Points:

While we came to know that hard reset has more pros than cons, it has some guidelines to be followed. Like -

  1. Take a backup of your files before doing a hard reset
  2. Do not hard reset more than twice a month

Bold N2 Reset:

Just follow the above steps to learn how to factory reset your phone or hard reset it if you want it specifically.

BLU F91 Hard Reset:

You can easily reset your phone in two ways - hard reset and soft reset. For hard reset please scroll up and see the instructions carefully. There is a separate guide for soft reset.

BLU G91 Max Reset:

The G91 Max factory reset guide is mentioned above.

BLU G91 Pro Hard Reset:

It's quite easy to achieve a hard reset on BLU G91 Pro. Just follow the instructions mentioned above.

Hard Reset BLU Bold N4:

Just follow the above-mentioned steps to take that.

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So that was a detailed guide on how to factory reset a Blu phone and further, we have provided details of hard reset pros & cons and things to keep in mind. If you own a BLU phone, then please subscribe to our push notifications, Like us on Facebook, join our Facebook Group for any Questions/Answers and email updates, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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