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Check out the latest BLU phone software update /firmware version and complete how to update guide.

We all know that the Android version is updated regularly. Atleast there is one new major upgrade available. As of now, the Android Pie is the latest version which was announced in the second quarter of 2018 and for 2019, it was expected to be either Android X or Android Q version, but Google chooses to name of it simply Android 10 update.

So, on this particular page, we would be talking about the BLU software upgrades or firmware upgrades that are available to the device. We will be also listing out the upcoming BLU software download here too.

BLU Phone Software Update

Talking about the software update on BLU mobiles, there are often regular updates available. We would be tracking them up here.

How to Check for BLU OTA Update

If you want to download the latest Android update on your BLU Mobile phone, there are two ways:

Via Update Notification

If you have received any notification about the software update then please tap on it and download the firmware. Normally all the OEM send update notification on to the consumer handset so that they are notified about the update availability.

It’s recommended to connect your device to available Wi-Fi because data charges may incur on your device.

Your device will restart several times during this software update process. So please be patient as it can take more than 15-20 minutes of your time, depends on the update file size.

Manual Update

If you haven’t received any update notification then you can manually check for the software availability by going through Settings > About Device and then tap on Software Update/Upgrade.

If the updates are available it will be displayed and if there is no update then it will display the same message.

Official Android Updates

BLU Android 11 Update

The Mountain View search engine giant has planned to unveil 2020 version of Android as Android 11 and the development of it has begun with the launch of first Developer Preview available since 20 February 2020.

BLU Android 10 Update

BLU Products and Bold Phone has planned to make available the Android 10 update to eligible phones. You can learn more about it here. As of now, BLU has confirmed only one phone will get the Android 10 update. It’s –

Among the expected devices to receive this update are BLU Vivo XL5, BLU G9 Pro and BLU G9.

BLU Android Pie update

The Android Pie is the latest version of Android and it will be available to some of the BLU phones launched in 2018.

Here check out the list of BLU Android Pie phones.

BLU Android Security Update

It was reported on April 2019, that BLU G9 has received the April 2019 Android security update.

BLU Phone Software Download

Currently, BLU officially supports upgrades to the following phones –

BLU G9 Software Update

It’s quite surprising to see that BLU G9 has got the April Android Security Update.

BLU Vivo XI+ Android Pie update

This firmware is under beta testing right now.

BLU Vivo XL Marshmallow update

BLU Vivo XL Marshmallow update is available for a long time now. It brings the BLU_V0030UU_V08 version to your device.

BLU Vivo 5 Marshmallow update

The Marshmallow update to Vivo 5 is with the version number BLU_V0050UU_V08.

BLU Studio C HD

The Marshmallow update is available to BLU Studio C HD smartphone with the version number as BLU_S090Q_V07_GENERIC.

BLU Studio Selfie 2 Marshmallow update

For this smartphone, there is an upgrade to Android Marshmallow and the version number is BLU_S230Q_V13_M_GENERIC.

The reality of BLU Software Upgrades

And another fact to reality is that the BLU delivers a lesser number of software updates to their devices but with the recent launch of flagship BLU Vivo XI and Vivo XI+, the company’s CEO Samuel Ohev Zion has promised software upgrade too.

Things are changing but they are slow and steady. Still we are waiting for Android Pie upgrade to Vivo XI phone.

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Check out the latest BLU phone software update /firmware version and complete how to update guide.
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