How to Enable Wi-Fi tethering on BLU Cell Phones | BLU Mobile Hotspot

In this guide check out how to enable Wi-Fi tethering on BLU Cell Phones i.e., BLU Mobile Hotspot.

If you are wondering how to share a mobile connection by tethering or hotspot on your BLU powered Android smartphone?

If yes, then you have arrived at the right place to achieve BLU Mobile hotspot feature i.e., turn on WiFi tethering on BLU Cell Phones.

Here in this guide we will be showing you a guide on the following –

  • What is WiFi tethering or WiFi hotspot?
  • How to tether on BLU phone

What is Wi-Fi tethering?

A Wi-Fi tethering allows users to share their mobile data with other users. You can even connect a phone or tablet or computer to the Internet.

Just like Wi-Fi tethering you can also enable Bluetooth tethering and a hotspot via USB cable.

Wi-Fi Tethering on BLU Cell phones

Follow the process mentioned below in order to get phone Wi-Fi hotspot on BLU smartphones:

  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Now tap on Network & Internet.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Now turn on Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • You can set-up Wi-Fi tether with WPA2 security as well.

Further configurations are available under Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

So, that was a q.uick guide on how to enable Wi-Fi tethering on BLU Cell Phones.

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