How do you say Cell phone in Spanish

Cell phone in Spanish Teléfono móvil

We are a technology blog dedicated to content on mobiles, tech gadgets, telecom networks-related news, info & how-to articles. While cell phones were first introduced 3 decades back, they got a major revolution only a decade back with the launch of the iPhone & Android-based touchscreen mobiles. Hence, many users are new to this online world and seniors struggle to do easy stuff like managing contacts, enabling hotspots, installing apps, reboot Android in Safe mode & many more. Similarly, people are looking for more ways to discover things nearby because previously used physical general directories are dead & local help guide business is in danger. People are looking out for Tienda mexicana cerca de mi i.e., a Mexican store near me

or Tienda de ropa near me clothing store nearby. Similarly, Spanish-speaking people are looking out for a new smartphone and many don't know what does cell phone in Spanish means.

Let me help you out with it.

Cell Phone in Spanish

With the primary language in 20 countries, it's the second most spoken language in the world when we take native speakers into consideration.

So how do you say mobile phone in Spanish? Cell phone or mobile phone in Spanish means Teléfono móvil, but when you translate smartphone into Spanish, it means teléfono inteligente. Huh! That's hard and odd to pronounce.

Here are the leading cell phone brands worldwide -

Phone Maker Name Notes/Key Points
Samsung Leading Unlocked phone maker

Leader in Android phones

Apple Who doesn't know about iPhone.

Popular in the USA

BLU Products BLU Bold Like us maker sells unlocked phones in the USA in BLU and BOLD brands.
OnePlus Better known as the OnePlus alternative
Sony Popular Japanese cell phone maker
TCL Phones TCL is an OEM cell phone maker; that sells unlocked phones in the USA powered by Android OS
Plum Mobile Plum makes rugged waterproof phones
Motorola Motorola makes budget phones

Owned by Lenovo

Huawei Huawei is an OEM that makes proprietary HarmonyOS powered phones.
Google Google makes long-lasting Pixel phones powered by Android
Nokia Nokia Android phones are making waves. Sales are growing.
Alcatel Alcatel supplies budget & low-cost mobiles to the USA
CAT Caterpillar phones are rugged mobiles
Xiaomi Xiaomi is a popular Chinese cell phone brand
Oppo Oppo is yet another popular Chinese phone maker
Vivo A popular Chinese cell phone maker
ZTE ZTE is an OEM maker; supplies a lot of locked phones for various carriers like TracFone, Cricket, and others
Lenovo Lenovo is an OEM that makes phones & tablet PCs
Realme Makes budget phones
Infinix Makes budget phones for third-world countries
Kyocera Supplies carrier locked and unlocked affordable mobile phones
Sonim Sonim builds rugged, durable, and reliable mobile devices

Below mentioned are the few top cell phone service provider companies -

How to find AT&T Cerca de mi

One of the largest networks in the United States has many stores in all cities and towns of the USA.

Verizon Store Nearby

Verizon Wireless is the largest network in the United state in terms of total subscribers. You can find Verizon Store or dealer next to your lane.

TMobile Stores

After acquiring Sprint T-Mobile goes neck to neck with AT&T. Theirs stores are spread across all cities of the United States and even you can order them online.

Cricket Wireless stores near by

Cricket is a popular choice when it comes to MVNOs.

So that's all about cell phone and its definition in Spanish.

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