Android R Release Date, Features, Phones List | Android 11 Version Update

Android 11 version update: Check out Android R Release Date, Features, eligible Android R phones list & Android R Developer Previews.

It has become customary for Google to launch a new Android version every year and there is synergic anticipation from the Android users as well. The search engine giant is preparing to launch yet another Android version and this gonna be the Android 10 version aka the Android Q version. Believe me, Android 10 is just launched after so many developer previews is already available since the start of the year. Alright let’s take projection into future as there will be the next Android version in 2020 that is the next year. It will be called Android R, because R comes after letter Q and Google follows that trend while naming the new Android versions. So here we go through Google Android R release date, features, developer preview, download rumors, leaks and everything about Android R version. We have also extended the article to bring out a list of eligible phone to get Android R update (Android R phones list).

–> Android R, the next subsequent update after Android Q version.

–> Android 11 to release in April/May 2019.

–> Android R developer preview to be available by January 2020

–> A total of four Android R developer previews will be available for Pixel and other qualifying phones.

–> Android R update to arrive for more than 100 smartphones. The race will begin soon.

–> The update release will begin rollout to flagship devices starting from September 2020.

–> Still has a long way to go, no development still happened.

–> Nokia has confirmed Android 11 update phones list.

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Android R Version | Android 11 Version

Android version is believed to be the 11th Android version release interview of Android in early 2008.

Android R Name

Google has always followed a trend while naming its Android version, they have always named their Android version based on desserts name starting with an English alphabet. For example, the Android 8 version was named as Android Oreo and the Android 9 version is called the Android Pie.

Android R Developer Preview

There will be definitely few developer previews available before we have an official name to Android 11.

Android R Version

The Android R versions will have the following incremental updates.

  • Android 11.0.1
  • Android 11.0.2
  • Android 11.1

the Android 11 R version will be rolled out later in 2020 and it will be intermediate update mostly bug fix.

Android R Features

As of now, it’s hard to comment on the Android R features but it’s believed to be more orientated on dual display smartphones extended support.

Android R Version Phones List

Here is the list of smartphone expected to get the Android version update –

Google Android R Update

Google for that pixel smartphone software update support for about 2 years +  3 years of Android security update from the launch of the device. based on that the following Android smartphone will get Android R update –

  • Google Pixel 3A
  • Google Pixel 3
  • Google Pixel

Android One Smartphones Android R Update

In terms of speedier software upgrade delivery, the Android one smartphone ranks after Google Pixel devices.

Nokia Android R Phones List

Nokia Android phones use pure Android version on their device and after Google, Nokia is the next OEM that cares about software upgrade delivery. Most of the Nokia Smartphones are part of Google’s Android One program.

Here are the Nokia phones that are accepted get the Android R OTA update –

Samsung Android R Phones

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will receive the Android 11 R update.

So, that’s all about the Samsung Galaxy phones Android R list.

Xiaomi MIUI 12 Update Release Date, Phones List

The MIUI 12 will be based on the Android R version and Xiaomi phones have their own UI. The Chinese smartphone giant is still to make a comment on MIUI 12 version.

Nokia Android 11 update

When it comes to software updates, the HMD Global backed Nokia brand is a global front runner in delivering them. Surely there are more than a dozen of Nokia will get the upgrade.

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Android R Release Date, Features, Phones List, Developer Previews | Android 11 Version Update
Android 11 Version Update: Check out Android R Release Date, Features, eligible Android R phones list & Android R Developer Previews download.
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