Download Android 11 Ringtones, Wallpapers Stock, Alarm Tones, Notification Sounds, Theme, Boot Animation

It's time to Download Android 11 ringtones, wallpapers stock, Alarm Tones, Notification Sounds, Android 11 Themes and Android 11 Boot Animation.

There is a new Android 11 version has been officially announced in the beta version and knowing about it there are people looking for Android 11 ringtones, notification sounds, alarm tones, and boot animations. It's the latest version following the Android Pie release last year. For those users here we have shared the link to download Android 11 wallpapers, ringtones and every other item that comes bundled with the latest Android version.

In order to give a new look to the latest Android version developers have released New wallpapers and 65 Sounds in the form of alarm and notification tones. These wallpapers are in the OGG format Android supported by all types of smartphone including the Android Go phones has announced by BLU Products recently.

Android 11: Wallpapers | Themes | Alarm Tones | Ringtones | Boot Animation

Android 11 Stock Wallpapers Download

The stock wallpapers for Android 11 are now available for download. These are actually the Android 11 default wallpapers that you are downloading but this will be more often same in the final version release.

Here it is -

The above image is just for representative purpose. The original size can be downloaded from here. Once downloaded, move to your phone and tap Apply.

Android 11 wallpapers set download ⇒ Download Link Zip

Android 11 stock wallpapers downloadDownload Link Google Photos

Android 11 Ringtones

Ringtones of Android 11 are now available to download and porting to your phone.

You can download the Zedge app and search for Android 11 ringtone to get those available tones for FREE.

Download Android 11 Boot Animation

You can also download Android 11 boot animation too.

Android 10 Stock Items

Android 10 Wallpapers

Although the recently knows Android Q beta is limited to Pixel devices only but these wallpapers and ringtones are available for download and use on any of the Android smartphones. It will even also support the smartphone that you own on your right now.  If you are not sure then you can comment your device model number and we will give your confirmation.

There are a total of 15 Android Q stock wallpapers and images that are available for download and use on your existing Android smartphone. We have compressed this wallpapers in a Zip format so that you can download it easily and apply accordingly on your device.

These wallpapers are with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels i.e., Full HD.

How to Download Android 10 Stock Wallpapers

Follow the process mentioned below -

  • Just download this wallpapers from the link below and copy it to your device.
  • Make sure that you extract the ZIP file in order to get these images in the respective format.
  • Go to Gallery and look for the new wallpapers. Open one of them to ‘Set as wallpaper’ or lockscreen wallpaper.

Download Android Q Stock wallpapers

Android 10 Ringtones

XDA community members have worked to extract Android 10 ringtones and other alarm tones from the Android Q Beta 1 update and make it available for all the users that live on open source Android community.

How to Apply and Android 10 ringtones Download

Follow the process mentioned below -

  • Download the Android_Q_ringtones pack from the link below.
  • Extract them on to your device storage using any of the RAR apps.
  • Copy those files to Ringtones folder on your device.
  • Go to Settings app on your phone.
  • Now go to Sound and then tap on Ringtones.
  • You will be able to see all new ringtones available in that list. Tap on anyone to set as the sound or alarm tone.

Download New Android 10 Tones

Download Android 11 Boot Animation

There is a whole new boot animation for download and port on your device.

Also, the Android Q Theme will be soon available for download.

You can change ringtone on the below-mentioned phones following above guide -

  • BLU G91 Pro
  • BLU G51
  • BLU G51 Lite
  • BLU G91
  • BLU G90
  • BLU G90 Pro
  • BLU Vivo XII
  • Bold N1
  • BLU J6
  • BLU J8
  • BLU V7
  • BLU V9
  • BLU Vivo X6
  • BLU View 1
  • BLU Tank Xtreme
  • BLU G60
  • BLU G70
  • BLU G9 Pro
  • BLU G9
  • BLU G8
  • BLU G50
  • BLU G50 Plus
  • BLU G50 Mega
  • BLU G51
  • BLU G51 Lite
  • BLU G5
  • BLU G6
  • BLU G5 Plus
  • BLU Vivo XL5
  • BLU Vivo X5
  • BLU Vivo X4
  • BLU Vivo XL4
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So, those were the stock Android Q wallpapers and images and ringtones. We will share more things as developers expose them online.

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