How to Download Ringtone for BLU Phone or Bold Phone

blu phone ringtone downloadblu phone ringtone download

BLU Phone ringtone download: In this guide at I will show you how to download ringtone for BLU Phones.

Ringtones are the best thing about smartphones and since the mobile manufacturers have included the option of keeping or changing the ringtones that you want, it even gives more personalization to owners.

Ringtone for BLU Phone

We have already gone through a guide on how to change ringtone on BLU mobile phone, but there wasn't any guide on how to download BLU phone ringtones. So here we are with one such.

Whether you are looking for Bold N1 ringtone or BLU G9 Pro ringtone, your search ends here. Given below are the websites which allows you to get BLU phone ringtone mp3 download links -

Zedge is one of the biggest places to find ringtones for BLU phones or any other mobile phone. Just how Amazon is famous, Zedge is famous for ringtones only.

Here is how you can get your personalized ringtone -

  1. Open the website on your mobile phone browser or if you are doing it from your computer/laptop, then you will have to move the files to your mobile phone later on.
  2. Head to Ringtones section.
  3. In the search bar type for something that you want. For example, you may look for "Vengaboys ringtones", type it and hit ENTER.
  4. Play the music and if you like it, download it.
  5. It will get saved on your mobile phone.

BLU Ringtones on YouTube

Youtube is not just a place for videos, but also a popular home for several music and mp3s. From YouTube, you can search for ringtones download and several content providers have uploaded videos with ringtones in which they have included the download link in the video description. For example, take this one - It has download links for all the top ringtones.

This works for following handsets and models -

Bold Phone Ringtone:

To get ringtone on your Bold phone, then follow the process mentioned above. This guide works for -

  • Bold N1
  • Bold T5
  • Bold T5 Plus
  • Bold M6

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BLU F91 Ringtone:

You can easily change the ringtone on your BLU 5G mobile phone. You can even set MP3 as a ringtone on this device.

So that was a simple guide on how to download ringtones for BLU mobile phones.