How to Fix Android Phone Screen Random Touch Glitch - Android Ghost Touches

Android Screen Ghost Touches randomly: A guide on How to Fix Android Phone Screen Random Touch glitch.

Your phone might run it to various problems just like how we get health related issues. One of them is related to Android screen touch randomly. It's a common problem in most devices those are 2-3 years old.

A user by name "GreenMachine" proud owner of BLU G9 Pro on Reddit post said - My phone keeps clicking on things that I am not even clicking on.

What is Ghost Touch?

Any screen touches those are not encountered physically by you are called ghost touches. It happens automatically on your phone's display, and you can clearly see when it's trying to unlock the device. Its also called as "Self Touching" or "Dead touches" problem too.

Android Phone Screen Random Touch

Is your phone rendering ghost or dead touches? If yes then please try out below-mentioned steps which might help you to save money.

Turn OFF & On Display Screen

Quick and easy way to fix random ghost screen touching problem is to turn off your screen for 1 minute and then turn back on. See if it's working or not. This is a temporary fix.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Believe me, reducing the screen brightness works on most of the Android phones.

Gently Clean the Screen:

The best thing to get rid of Android ghost touch problem is to keep your phone screen clean. Turn off your screen and gently wipe it with a soft cloth. Don't scratch the screen with sharp objects.

Don't Battery Optimize Launcher or UI Processes:

Your phone launcher shouldn't be optimized. Check this under your phone Settings.

Don't Overclock or Under Clock:

Overclock is the term related to phone rooting to improve your phone speed. If you have over clocked your phone, then reset it to normal.

Clean Junk Files and Applications:

You can delete unwanted apps and files on your phone. Basically this is a random try and see fix.

Partial Screen App:

You can install partial screen app from Play Store and run the 'screen analysis'. This will let you know where the actual problem is.

Factory Reset Your Phone:

Consider this is a last resort because factory resetting your phone involves backup-ing your phone data and then re-instating it.

Repair Your Phone or Buy a New One:

I am sorry about your smartphone if you are reading this, but it's the truth.

Finally, if all the above-mentioned steps doesn't work to save your phone, then it's time to repair your phone because it maybe a hardware problem. Let me tell you that today's generation of mobiles have become 'use and throw' so repairing cost would be definitely higher and almost 60 to 70% of your price. But still, you can cross-check with a nearby repair shop before ordering a new phone.

I hope you have fixed Android Phone screen random touch Glitches error.

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How to Fix Android Phone Screen Random Touch - Ghost Touches
Android Screen Ghost Touches randomly: A guide on How to Fix Android Phone Screen Random Touch.
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