BLU G9 Pro Specs, Features, Price, User Review, FAQs

BLU G9 Pro

BLU Products after launching BLU G9, the 2019 flagship phone, looks like they will be launching BLU G9 Pro soon as the device now gets the FCC approval.

We just spotted BLU user manuals and other test samples of front and rear cameras on the FCC website. This means that the device will be launched soon.

BLU G9 Pro G0230 is the successor of the BLU G9 smartphone and it will be a true flagship phone that will define the brand going forward.

We will be coming out with complete details of BLU G9 Pro like specifications, USB drivers, firmware, case covers, How-to guide, and comparison with other phones.

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UPDATE: Check out the latest BLU phones.

This post was published on April 3, 2021 9:26 AM

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