Download Android 11 Launcher APK & Port it on Android Phone

Android 11 launcher port

Let me guide you through the Android 11 Launcher apk download and port it to your existing Android phone.

Are you a fan of Android launchers? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place for the right information as today we will dive into the latest Android launchers. (Update - Check out the latest Android 13 launcher)

It has become customary for Google to introduce an Android version and fans to love it. As of now, Android 11 is the next Android version. With the new Android version, there come several new things which include a launcher, themes, wallpapers, sounds, and ringtones.

The Android 11 beta update is now available for Pixel devices only but the good is that the new Android version brings out everything new to everyone in the Android space. So, starting with Android 11 stock wallpapers to ringtones and boot animation, everything is available for download. Here we bring you the download Android 11 launcher and the Android 11 launcher apk version. You can even check out the list of devices eligible to get the Android 11 update.

Android 11 Launcher:

The Android 11 Launcher is the latest launcher based on the Android 11 version! Since this is the default launcher on Google Pixel phones, it's also referred to as "Pixel Launcher 11" or simply "Pixel Launcher".

Can we download this launcher on the Google Play Store?

There is no way to directly get it from the Play Store, as it's not official. It's not banned so you can install it through APK. If you don't know about APK, it's an alternate method to install apps on Android phones.

Android 11 Launcher Port:

Follow the process mentioned below to get it installed on your existing phone -

  • First, download the launcher APK from the link given below in the "Download" section. Check below
  • Once downloaded, move the file to your device storage. A better thing would be to access this page from your mobile phone browser and download the link directly to your phone storage.
  • Tap on it to begin the installation process. But wait, you should have "App Installation from Unknown Sources" enabled under settings.
  • Go to your phone Settings > Developer Options and then tap on Unknown Sources enabled. If you don't see this, you need to first tap on the Build number under About Phone. Tap it 7 times continuously.
  • The app will ask for permissions, please provide them.

That's it the Android 11 launcher port is now done successfully. Once you click on the Home button, it will ask you to choose a launcher. If you are not sure, then open it one time, and if you are confident, then select "Default" to set it as your default launcher. Did you notice any difference?

Android 11 Launcher APK Download:

So, you have finally arrived at the download section. Click on the link below to download it -

Android 11 launcher apk download

Android 11 Launcher for Samsung Phones

You can easily apply the above-downloaded launcher to your existing Samsung phone supporting Galaxy S10, S20, Note 10, Note 20, and other Samsung mobiles.

Just like Samsung, you can get this new Android launcher on your Motorola, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei, Honor & other Android phones.


Android 11 Launcher vs Android 10 Launcher

We thought of giving you a comparison between the Android 10 and Android 11 launcher. The new version always brings the latest features when compared to its previous version, and it's the same case with launchers too.

So what you need to look at here is the features included with the launcher.

Android 12 Launcher

With the release of the new Android 12 Developer version the launcher is now available. There is a lot of much in Android 12 downloads.

Android 13 Launcher Download:

After Android 12, the next Android version is Android 13 and we have already gone through the Android 13 apk download for launcher, themes, & wallpapers.

Android 12 DBZ:

DBZ Android 12 is a character in Dragon Ball Z, a popular Japanese anime television series.

Android 10 Launcher

The Android 10 update brings an all-new Android 10 launcher, the Android launcher that everyone is waiting for for a long time.

Android 10, the latest version of the open-source mobile operating system by Google, brings a lot of new features. It has so much to offer in the developer preview itself. Among the known features of Android 10, it adds digital well-being as health takes the primary steps on getting mobile.

Android 10 brings support for different accent color themes. In the Developer Settings at the very bottom, you’ll find a new “Theming” section. You will find three options:

  • Accent color
  • Headline / Body font, and
  • Icon shape

Talking about the Android launchers, along with the classics, there are strong players like Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher dominating the segment. Also, there are some new contenders in the form of Action Launcher and Lawnchair Launcher.

The Android 10 launcher is expected to be the just Android Oreo launcher upgraded version with not many new features to it.

This is what your new Android 10 OS launcher looks like -

Download Android 10 Launcher

As of now, the latest official Android launcher is only available to a limited number of smartphones. You can download it from the link below.

Officially there hasn't been any port yet, but you can find several app developers bringing this app to the Play Store and also via APK installer.

Android 10 Launcher App

Here are some of the apps that we found -

Android 10 Stock Launcher

A Google Play developer by the name of Sitinoldae

has developed Q Launcher for Android™ 10.0 launcher app. It has a 4-star rating.


  • Inbuilt web browser
  • A-Z classified launcher app drawer, it is easy to find apps
  • Q Launcher has unified app icons.
  • Q Launcher has many beautiful wallpapers
  • Gestures support: swipe up/down/left/right, long-press gestures, etc.
  • Useful toggles on the Q Launcher side screen: Data, Brightness, WiFi, Sync, Bluetooth, Location, Auto-rotation
  • Launcher drawer grid size option
  • Launcher Dock background customization
  • Hide status bar

Download this app from here

Android 12 Launcher

Coming up this year is the Android 12 version and with a new version there comes a launcher, theme, ringtones, and a lot of things but it's too early to talk about it.

I will write about this when the Android 12 launcher apk is available in the beta stage.

Android 13 Launcher:

As the Android 13 development gets on the way, there are huge expectations relating to the Android 13 launcher, themes, and other beautiful things.

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4D Launcher

So that was all about the latest Android 11 launcher apk download.

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