How to take a Screenshot on a BLU Phone without ROOT

how to take a screenshot on a blu phone

In this guide check out how to take a screenshot on a BLU phone, popular all models.

BLU Products is a well-known unlocked smartphone seller in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other parts of the world. It has predominately launched smartphones under 200 USD, under 100 USD, and even at a low-cost budget of $30 too(take the case of BLU View 1 mobile).

The main intention for us to launch this blog is to provide news related to unlocked smartphone sellers in the United States, especially about the mobiles manufactured by BLU Products. Through this blog, you can find various tips and tricks related to BLU smartphones.

There are various functions included in your mobile phone. To make the old story short, a screenshot is one of them.

What is a Screenshot?

A screenshot is a useful property on smartphones. The screenshot is also known as "Screen Capture" because it captures what's there on your screen in a photo. It's like the Print Screen that you see on Windows & Mac computers to a smartphone. Since all the mobiles now are touchscreen, there is hardly any option for a screenshot. OEMs are smart enough to include that through hardware buttons.

How is Screen Capture Helpful?

A screen captured can help you to -

  • Resolve an issue happening on the app so that the developer can easily understand what the actual problem is and give a solution accordingly
  • To report a bug/error
  • To report failed software downloads
  • To showcase software updates to others
  • A lot more uses

This is an exclusive guide by us to show you how you can achieve BLU phone screenshot on your device. This tip will help you to take a screenshot without the use of any application or app on your phone because it's a default Android property. So without any further delay, let's get on to the guide on how to screenshot on BLU phone. BLU Studio X8 HD 2019 is a wonderful smartphone that is priced at $49.99. It's the cheapest Android Go smartphone to be launched worldwide. You can check out the device specs. If you have purchased this device, then you can choose one of the case to provide your device with ultimate protection.

How to take a Screenshot on a BLU Phone:

It's quite easy to grab a blu phone screenshot. Follow the process mentioned below -

  • In this guide, we will be using the Volume Down and Power buttons to achieve a screenshot. To locate those buttons on your device. They are present on the right-side bezel of your device. The Power button is also known as the Wake up button.
  • You should press the Volume Down and Power button together (simultaneously) at once for about two seconds. If you are successful in achieving the screenshot, you will hear a shutter click sound on your device, or else you will end up doing some other action.
  • You will see the notification on the notification panel.

All the screenshots that you take on your device are saved under the Screenshot folder under Gallery. You can access them at any point in time. Now that's a default Android property and it works on all the BLU mobile phones that are powered by Android.

BLU Phone Screenshot

Here are the Android apps that allow you to take screenshots easily -

Here is the BLU smartphone screenshot video guide -

Screenshot on BLU Windows Phones

BLU previously launched Windows phones which are Win HD LTE, Win JR, JR LTE, and Win HD. To take a screenshot on such phones, you need to press the Volume UP + Power button simultaneously.

BLU Phone Long Screenshot

The facility of taking a long screenshot on BLU smartphones is not yet seen on any mobile phone. It's available on various other mobile phones but on BLU, not yet. We have seen it with BLU G9 Pro, it's not there on Bold N1 either.


This guide works on the following mobile phones -

  • BLU N3
  • BLU G91
  • BLU G91 Pro
  • BLU G90
  • BLU G90 Pro
  • Bold N1
  • BLU F91
  • BLU G9
  • BLU G9 Pro
  • BLU G8
  • BLU G6
  • BLU G5
  • BLU G5 Plus
  • BLU Vivo Go
  • BLU View 1
  • BLU Vivo X6
  • BLU Vivo XL5
  • BLU Vivo XL5 Plus
  • BLU Vivo XI+
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So that was the guide for How to take a Screenshot on a BLU Phone. Thanks for being with us on this channel.

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