How to Fix Android Screenshot Not Working Problem - 5 Ways

Taking a screenshot on Android is a default property but people have Android Screenshot Not Working Problem. Here is how to fix it.

Android smartphone includes several default functions that can be done using physical buttons. One of the best features on Android mobile phones is the "Screenshot feature" through which you can grab screenshots of any error or showcase achievement in a game like PUBG Mobile. The BLU G90 Pro, BLU G90, Bold N1, and all BLU, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC Phones include these functions by default because they are powered by Google's Android operating system for mobile.

Android Screenshot Not Working

The Android Screenshot might not work in a few cases or scenarios. Although it can happen at random times, it's definitely frustrating.

Here are a few reasons why you can't take a screenshot on an Android phone -

Let's go into details.

Reason 1: Press the Correct Key Combination

Can't take a screenshot on Android might be possible that you are not pressing the correct combination of keys for a screenshot. By default on Android, it's the Power button + Volume Down button for screenshots simultaneously. Remember you need to press it together at once.

Also make sure that in the latest Android smartphones, you will have to press the Power button and Volume Down button once and leave them. Previously you have to hold for a second or two, but this has changed in the new unlocked Samsung phones.

Reason 2: Cant Take Screenshot on Google Chrome:

If you can't take a screenshot while browsing on the Google Chrome browser, then please check whether you aren't in Incognito mode because latest version of Android has disabled that feature.

That may be the reason why the Google Chrome screenshot isn't working.

Reason 3: Policy Set on Your Phone

If your device is issued by schools/colleges or companies, they disable such functions for various reasons. You will see a popup saying -

"can't take screenshot due to security policy"

In this case, you can talk to the IT Department for clarification and see what's possible. If they allow it will be great or else you can't do anything.

Reason 4: Due to App Policy

Some apps, especially the financial and banking apps, disable the screenshot feature in their app for security reasons. You will clearly see a pop-up saying "Screenshot disable due to security reasons" or "Cannot capture a screenshot. The page contains personal information".

Reason 5: Screenshot Not Allowed by App

Some banking or financial apps might not allow screenshots while on their app directly. You will have to use their inbuilt screenshot share feature. Also, if you have installed any new app then you better delete it and try.

How to Fix Android Screenshot Not Working

In case you are not able to grab a screenshot, there are some basic troubleshooting workaround that you can do.

Solution 1: Uninstall Recently Installed App

If you were able to take a screenshot earlier and doesn't work now, then you need to first determine which apps you recently installed. A recent app might be a problem if it's something work-related or apps that restrict your phone. Uninstall it and see if you are able to take screenshots or not.

Solution 2: Check Device Storage

In some cases, you might encounter notifications like "Can't take screenshot due to limited storage space" or "Couldn't save the screenshot. Storage may be in use". The solution would be to restart and check and if that doesn't fix the problem, then you need to empty storage space. This is a common problem in cheap Android Go phones that comes with limited inbuilt storage.

Solution 3: Correct Screenshot key combination:

With Android 10 and higher, you will not have to hold and press the Power and Volume Down button, instead Press once and release, screenshot is grabbed easily.

Solution 4: Try Alternative Screenshot Method

There are a number of ways in which you can take a screenshot, they are -

  • Default Android method using physical buttons
  • Using Google Assistant for Screenshot
  • Palm Swipe method: Swipe your palm over the display screen and a screenshot is captured.

Check and see what's possible on your phone.

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Solution 5: Root Your Phone

An ultimate killer idea would be to root your phone and this would definitely fix whatever the problem it has earlier with screen capture or screengrab.

Solution 6: Stopped Working Just Now

If the screenshot was working earlier, and it's not working now, then you can make sure that you have followed the above 5 steps, and additionally recall whether you have installed a new update or a new app that is restricting this. If yes, then uninstall the app or notify app developer.

Screenshot Isn't Working Google Assistant Settings:

Did you know that your virtual assistant too can help you to take screenshot easily but if it doesn't work then do this -

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Then tap on Apps & notifications and then Advanced.
  • Now tap on Default apps and then Assist & voice input.
  • Apps & notifications and then Advanced and then Default apps and then Assist & voice input
  • Turn on 'Use Screenshot' option.



This guide should work on all Android-powered smartphones by -

  • Samsung Galaxy phones like S22, S21, S20, Note 20, Note 21, Note 10, Note 7, S7
  • LG phones
  • Sony Phones
  • All Motorola mobiles like Moto G10 Power, G40 Fusion, G60, G100, G9 Power
  • Nokia Android phones like Nokia 9.1, Nokia 8.2 etc.,
  • Huawei/Honor phones
  • Energizer phones
  • Wiko phones
  • BLU Phones
  • Google Pixel phones
  • OnePlus phones
  • CAT phones
  • ZTE Phones
  • Alcatel Phones
  • Acer Phones
  • Asus Zenfones
  • & all other Android smartphones

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As a last option, you can try to factory reset your phone.

So that's how you can fix issues related to screenshot not working on Android smartphones and tablets.

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Taking a screenshot on Android is a default property but people have Android Screenshot not working Problem. Here is how to fix can't take screenshot due to Security Policy error.
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