How to Take Screenshot on BLU G90 Pro

In this guide at we will show you on how to take screenshot on BLU G90 Pro.

Hello friends, I am your friend Yogesh and in this particular piece of article, I will show you on how to grab a screenshot on BLU G90 Pro.

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Screenshot on BLU G90 Pro

We all know that screenshot is a useful feature in smartphone. It allows us to take a proof of various things like -

  1. Screenshot of an error while playing PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty and other games.
  2. Transaction details screenshot.
  3. Software or firmware update screenshot

Now that you what screenshot is important, now lets go through a guide for BLU G90 Pro screenshot.

Here is how you can achieve that -

  • On your mobile phone, navigate to the screen where you have encountered this. For example if this is a software update, then open the BLU Phone settings and then tap on Check Now, you will be on the screen.
  • Once you are on the screenshot, you can grab screenshot of whatever visible on your device display by pressing the Volume Down and Power button together at once.
  • The moment you press both the buttons together, you will see flashy animation on screenshot and shutter click sound too will be heard. Further the screenshot will be saved under Gallery and you will also see this on your notification panel too.
  • Once you grab that screenshot, open it through notification panel, you will see various option of sharing it via Facebook, Whatsapp and other social platforms.

Note: This is a default Android property and it will work on any Android phone which has Power and Volume buttons.

That's it done.

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So that was the guide on How to Take Screenshot on BLU G90 Pro.

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BLU G90 Pro screenshot: In this guide at we will show you on how to take screenshot on BLU G90 Pro.
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