How to Reset Wiko Phone - Soft & Hard Reset

How to Reset Wiko Phone

In this guide, check out How to Reset Wiko Phone (hard + factory) to erase data completely.

Is your Wiko Phone troubling you a lot? It may happen due to ageing and longer usage of your device. Is your Wiko phone has become slow or providing sluggish performance, then its might be the time to reset it.

This is one of my quick guide on how to stuff on my blog that includes various posts like Android Unsupported Files, Android Screenshot not working , reboot Android phone in safe mode and 5G not working on my phone. Here comes one more to hard reset Wiko phone.

Wiko Mobiles is a leading smartphone seller in France and DEUTSCHLAND and their phones are made in China. It's a fully owned subsidiary of Chinese manufacturer Tinno Mobile.

How to Reset Wiko Phone

There are two different ways here. There is soft & hard reset as mentioned -

  • Hard Reset Wiko Phone
  • Soft Reset Wiko Mobile

Wiko Phone Soft Reset:

Before erasing data on your Wiko phone please make sure that you have taken a backup of important data like Contacts, Messages, WhatsApp and your personal photos/videos. Please take a time to get those backed up or else you will lose them permanently.

Follow the process mentioned below -

  1. From your Phone, you should head to Settings
  2. Under Settings you need to tap on Backup & Reset.
  3. Now tap on 'Factory Reset' or in some phones its mentioned 'Erase all data'.
  4. Tap on "OK" to confirm the action.

As soon as you do that, your phone will be restarted after erasing all the data on your phone.

Once done you will be asked to setup your phone as a normal one like a new device.

Hard Reset Wiko Mobile:

In order to achieve Wiko hard reset, you should follow these steps -

  • Make sure that you have taken backup on your device.
  • Now you should turn off your phone completely.
  • Press Power button and Volume Up button to boot in safe mode.
  • From recovery menu, tap on 'Reset' option mention there.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Done!
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So that's How to Reset Wiko Phone.

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How to Reset Wiko Phone
In this guide, check out How to Reset Wiko Phone (hard + factory) to erase data completely.
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