Android Go Apps List 2022 - The official "Lite" Light Weight Apps

Android Go Apps list 2020Android Go Apps list 2020

Google created Android Go Apps separately from the usual Android stock apps for a purpose. These Android Apps in Go are light-weight apps providing the same functionalities, consuming low-RAM and storage. These are run smoothly on mobiles with low-end hardware. These apps come pre-installed on any Android Go phone, and they can be also installed on any other Android smartphones since they are listed on Google Play Store.

We have already gone through the list of how to get Android Go on any smartphone. Here we go through the Android Go Apps list and APKs for the same.

Android Go Apps vs Regular Apps - What's Difference

Regular apps provide full-fledged apps with all the features, while the Android Go edition apps are trimmed versions of the official apps optimized to use fewer resources.

Now that you know the difference between these two, let's go through the list of Android Go apps.

Android Go Apps List:

These Android Go phone apps are less animated or include significantly comprised design elements or features. It may be less eye candy, but importantly it does your functionality and often provides performance improvements, consuming the low RAM require running it.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the default browser on these low-end phones. You can download it from here.

Files Go

Files Go is the file editor for devices that are powered with the Go edition.

YouTube Go

This is the official light-weight YouTube apps for Android Go devices.

Maps Go

This is the official Google Maps for Android Go phones. It's optimized to consume less battery.

Google Go

Google Search for Android Go cell phones.

Google Assistant Go

The Voice-driven Google Assistant for mobiles, powered by the Android Go version.

Gmail Go

Provides default Google Mail functionalities. It's optimized to consume less battery.

Gboard Go

This is the official trimmed GBoard app.

Yahoo Mail Go

Yahoo Mail is now available for Android Go mobiles too.

Navigation for Google Maps Go

This app provides turn-by-turn navigation when used with Google Maps Go. It can only be used/launched after searching for directions on the Google Maps Go app.

Besides these, you can even use light-weight apps like -

Android Go Apps for Tablets:

We have also seen the launch of Android Go tablets, which are budget-friendly tablets powered by Go OS. The latest one being BLU M7L. For these tablets, the above-mentioned Android Go apps will work fine.

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While these are the apps that are developed by the Google team, they too have published guidelines & instructions on how you can optimize your apps for Android Go.