No Crop App for Instagram for Android

5 Best No Crop App for Instagram Free for Full Size Photo without Cropping

Here we go through best No Crop app for Instagram for iPhone and Android to get full size photo without cropping. For photos there is Instagram, the world's most popular social media app used by more than 300 million active users. From providing the best photo viewing experience, the Facebook owned Instagram platform added many new features like photo filters, effects, and Stories. Even though the Instagram app is perfect for photos, it lacks one feature, i.e., the default cropping system. Yeah! That has been missed by many, and today my sister who has a fashion-related Instagram account told me… Read More

Download Google Installer APK for Huawei, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi Phones

Download Google Installer APK for Huawei, Oppo, ZTE, OnePlus, Realme, Nuu Mobile & other Chinese Phones. China makes 80% of smartphones sold worldwide, and we all know it, and all these phones come without Google apps installed on them because Android powers more than 90% of mobiles sold worldwide. Of these, local Chinese makers and less popular brands or countries have imposed Play Store restrictions. As such, you miss out on Play Store, Google Maps, Chrome, and other useful utilities on your newly purchased Chinese smartphone. In fact, China has banned Google Search Engine, they have their own Facebook i.e.,… Read More

MP3 Juice Con - Free to Download MP3 Music App (Reviews)

Check out MP3Juice Con, features, app converter tool download, and what happened to mp3 juice. MP3 Juice, is a free tool to search MP3 from various sources and download them in the best quality format. The great thing about this app is that you can listen songs without any subscription limits. Alternatively, it has come up with mp3 downloader tool through which you can download mp3 and play online. It's so called as Music streaming app but in a different way. Here we would be discussing MP3 Juice Con, pros, features, and details about the app. MP3 Juice App The MP3… Read More

10 Best FREE Cartoon Games for Mobile Devices - Android Cartoon Games Download

Android Cartoon Games Download: Are you looking for Cartoon Network games for Android. Here are the best FREE Cartoon games for mobile devices. Cartoons are compilations of simple drawings of characters showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way, especially a satirical one or comical one for kids, especially in visual media. Cartoon games are a form of competitive activity played following some rules set in an imaginary world for which the context and characters come from a famous cartoon series or a conceptualized form of a cartoon. So here are the best Cartoon games for Android… Read More

Adobe Photoshop Camera APK Download - Latest Version 1.0

Adobe has finally taken a step to enter Camera on Android as Adobe Photoshop Camera apk download is now available. You might all know about Adobe Photoshop as famous Photo editing software. Now they have forayed into Camera app for the Android field. Already there are a large number of camera apps available for download on your Android smartphone. These apps providing near and similar functionalities although it may vary. Among the popular Android camera, apps are Google Pixel Camera, VSCO, Adobe Lightroom. The app is already famous as it receives a 4.5-star rating in Play Store. Adobe Photoshop Camera… Read More