3 Best No Crop App for Instagram Free for Full Size Photo without Cropping

Bypass Instagram auto crop images

Here we go through best No Crop app for Instagram for iPhone and Android to get full size photo without cropping.

For Photos there is Instagram, the world's most popular social media app used by more than 300 million active users. From providing the best photo viewing experience, the Facebook owned Instagram platform added many new features like photo filters, effects, and Stories.

Even though the Instagram app is perfect for photos, it lacks one feature i.e., the default cropping system. Yeah! That has been missed by many and today my sister who has a fashion-related Instagram account told me about the problem with Instagram. She asked me -

Why does Instagram auto crop my photos?

Further, she told me that I want full-size photos on Instagram and how can I skip this Instagram auto crop feature. Is there a way to disable it?

Then I tried and tested Instagram for actual errors and saw that Instagram has its own set of instructions for photo uploads on its network. Let me explain to you -

Instagram Photo Size Ratios

Instagram recommends you upload photos that are with 320 x 1080 pixels dimensions and an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5. If your photo doesn't have that aspect ratio, it will get auto-cropped while uploading.

Now when I looked into the solution, I found many apps in Play Store on my BLU G90 phone but as you know Play Store has most apps spam and does half a job. Most apps are full of ads. So I thought of compiling a list of "No Crop App for Instagram" which bypass your Instagram photo resizing feature and lets you upload your original size photos.

Wow! Isn't that amazing! Now let's check out such lovely apps here.

Best No Crop App for Instagram FREE:

No Crop & Square for Instagram

Tired of the Instagram crop feature? You can now get the No Crop app on your Android that allows you to get this work done perfectly and avoid Instagram photo auto cropping.

The app receives a 4.6-star rating in Play Store from around 1 million people who have submitted the feedback and that's really great.

Main Features:

  • Add background patterns
  • More than 200 free background patterns are available
  • Rotate, flip and resize photos
  • Select album photos on your background
  • More than 30 filters
  • 400+ free stickers

Play Store Ratings: 4.6/5

Download No Crop & Square for Instagram App

Square Pic - No Crop Photo Editor for Instagram App

Wondering whether you can post entire photos on Instagram? Yes, you can do that with Square Pic - no crop photo editor for Instagram. This is clearly seen from the number of ratings that users have given to this app on the Play Store.

Main Features:

  • Does the job of No Crop photo editing perfectly
  • Also include photo collage maker
  • You can add Blur border
  • You can also add emojis & other stickers to your photo
  • Apply filters to no crop photo
  • Several other powerful editing tools like - pinch to resize, rotate

Play Store Ratings: 4.6/5

Download Square Pic - No Crop photo maker for Instagram for Android

Unclip - No Crop & Square for Instagram

If you are looking to post a full-size photo on your Instagram, then look no further as No Crop & Square for Instagram is here.

It makes the best companion best it adds blur and doesn't even crop your image i.e., it gets upload as it is in terms of dimensions.


  • No Crop any picture shape & upload
  • Add blur backgrounds to your pictures
  • Add colored backgrounds/borders
  • Pick a color from the image using a dropper tool
  • Rotate or Zoom the image
  • Eyedropper too also gets added

Play Store Ratings: 3.8/5

Download No Crop Instagram App for Android

So those were some of the top best No Crop App for Instagram. I hope you have found out the right app for bypassing the Instagram auto crop photo feature.

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Some of the FAQs relating to this topic are -

How do you get the Custom Adjust Photo to fit in Instagram?

By default, Instagram has a tool for cropping and sadly it's not the perfect one. You need to install an additional app for uploading photos to Instagram for custom adjusting the photo to show the face and topic of discussions. You can use UnClip or Square Pic.

Is there a free no crop app for Instagram?

Yes, there are many No Crop & Square app Instagram available. Infact they are dozens of such app but only few does the job perfectly.

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Here we go through best No Crop app for Instagram for iPhone and Android phones to get full size photo without cropping i.e., bypass Instagram auto crop for images feature.
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