How to get Android Go Download on any Android Smartphone

How to get Android GO download for mobiles

Guide on how to install Android Go download on any phone (new & old phone) easily.

Android GO version by Google is a great move by developers, and it's certainly a "rebirth" for low-end smartphones. For years Google was looking for a solution to speed up entry-level phones. We have already gone through the list of best Android smartphones, here we go through a guide on how to install Android Go on your existing phone.

So here we will learn the following topics -

What is Android Go?

Android GO is basically an optimized version of Android to consume low RAM and storage for the OS version on your phone. It's actually designed by Android developers to provide higher performance on low-end smartphones.

How to get Android Go Download:

Now that we have learned what is Android Go and seen the devices running it out of the box, now let's go through instructions on how to install Android Go ROM. In this guide, we will be using a low-RAM property patcher to get the work done.

Low RAM Launcher download

But why the Low RAM launcher, why not the official Android Go version?

Officially there is no way you can install Android Go on your mobile phone but thanks to developers at XDA this thing is possible. We found it better than the Android Go version and we recommend this to all of you.

Before proceeding let me tell you that this is not the actual Android GO version but something similar to that and it's called Low RAM Launcher.

Preparing Your Phone

  • Your phone should have TWRP Recovery Installed. If you don't have that, please read the official TWRP website for instructions & compatibility with your phone.
  • The Warranty on your phone will get void.
  • Please proceed with this guide at your own risk. We at will not be held responsible for anything mentioned here.
  • You should have enough battery left with your device, atleast 60%, if you don't have please charge (Read Best battery Life phones).

If you are ready with these, you can proceed further.

Low RAM Launcher Download:

Follow the process mentioned below -

  • Download the Low RAM Launcher zip files. You should download both enabler and disabler in this case. Download here | Mirror link
  • Turn off your Device so that we can boot it into recovery mode.
  • You will be on the home screen of TWRP Recovery.
  • Click on Install and select from the file storage.
  • Now Swipe the button to confirm flashing it.
  • Now tap on Reboot.

That's it done!

How to Install Android Go Launcher:

Follow the process mentioned below in order to install the launcher -

  • From your phone Settings, make sure that USB Debugging is enabled. To enable it, Go to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging > Enable it.
  • Once that is done, go to your mobile Chrome browser and open this Android Go launcher apk download link.
  • Once downloaded, install it.
  • It will be installed very soon, tap on Done and press the home button to return to the home screen.
  • You will see a pop-up with two launchers listed, tap on Pixel Launcher and tap Always to set it as your default launcher.

Also, as a recommended reading, you can go through Android launcher download section.


  • Quite useful for smartphones with low RAM
  • Works great on smartphones with low inbuilt storage


If you check out the developer's link at XDA, several users have left their comments and also mentioned the device model name where they have successfully installed or failed. The ROM is successfully tested on the following mobile phones -

It also works well with tablets with low RAM.

Android GO for Tablet:

The Low RAM launcher or the Android Go launcher works great for Tablet PCs as well that has low RAM like 1 GB RAM tablet or tablets that have 2 GB RAM. It not only speeds up processing on your tablet but also makes the opening of Android Apps very fast because the RAM is optimized for that.

Download Android Go Launcher APK

You can get it from the links mentioned above from the latest to older app versions.

Android Go OS Download: link here

Once that is done, you can get specific Android Go Apps that consume less RAM & space. These are highly optimized apps specially made for such devices that run on low resources. These are -

  • Files Go
  • Gboard Go
  • Maps Go
  • Google Go
  • Gmail Go
  • Yahoo Mail Go

If you need a Facebook app on your phone, then you can install the Facebook Lite app and similarly, there are Twitter Lite, & Instagram Lite apps available too.

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Can Android Go ROM run Normal Apps?

It's no doubt that Android Go can run normal apps apart from Android Go apps which usually have an improved advantage because it's designed to run on low-end configuration phones.

Are Android Go Phones Good?

Android Go smartphones are low-end devices, so if you are limited in budget and want a phone that lasts long, it is a bit speedier than going with it.

Android 13 Download

Is it Still Supported?

Yes, the Go Edition is still supported and it's still the favorite for OEMs on low-end mobile phones.

Is Android Go Edition good?

It's reported that apps can be opened 15 percent faster on Android Go devices as compared to normal Android phones. So this is a great improvement considering the device has low RAM and storage. Further, there is Data Saver mode by Google

enabled by default. It's like running your Windows 11 PC in a classic mode so that it can load faster.

Can I install Android Go on Tablet PCs?

This Low RAM Android version will work on both Android phones and tablets and it will work on low-RAM tablets as well. Just follow the instructions that are mentioned above for the phone on your tablet, after all, the Android version is the same for both mobiles & Android.

Is Android Go Discontinued?

Android Go project is still being continued by Google and is a successful project. There is no way Google will discontinue it, especially when they have a good way to enter the low-end phone market and kill cheap Java-based phones.


So that's a successful test of Android Go download and install on existing Android phones. Many users have reported that they first saw 480 MB RAM free after boot.

Minimal ADB and Fastboot drivers

So that's how to download Android Go Launcher apk for phones & old tablets.

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