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Verizon Android 14 Updates and Verizon Android Updates & Firmwares

Verizon Android Updates 2023: Here we provide info on Verizon Android 14 update phones list, schedule, and ETA. Android updates are great and who doesn't want to see them? It makes me happy and this should be the case with other phone owners too. Isn't it? Ok, so let me tell you more about Verizon Android updates. Several people have queries regarding the next Android update on their phones. Whether their phone is eligible or not and if eligible when the update would be arriving. Verizon Android Updates The last time we talked about T-Mobiles Android updates, here we go… Read More

BLU Phone Wireless Update - How to Update Guide

Here we go through "BLU Phone Wireless Update" to Android 11/10, Android 9.0 Pie, the main topic of discussions. Hello and welcome to, an unofficial fan-based website for everything related to unlocked BLU mobile phone that you own. We have come up with several guides on how-to, tips and tricks, and a lot more. Here in this exclusive guide, we go through BLU Phone Wireless Update, which is something different from what we have told you earlier on how to update BLU phones. So, let's get started. BLU Phone Wireless Update There are a number of ways in which… Read More

Samsung Android 13 Update List - Eligible & Confirmed UPDATED

Samsung Android 13 update list: Check out the confirmed & eligible Samsung OneUI 5.0 phones list. Last year launched Android 12 is now available to many mobile phones, atleast 100 handsets and already dozens of smartphones have got it and you can keep track of it on Samsung eligible phones for Android 12. Check out the Samsung Android 13 update list of eligible & confirmed phones & tablets. Samsung Android 13 Update List: The Android update for Samsung mobile brings in a lot of new features and bug fixes. Among the prominent updates included is the support of a dual… Read More

BLU Android 10 Phones List & Update Schedule

Here are qualifying blue phones planned to receive an Android 10 update. Finally, Google has sacked desserts for numbers in naming Android versions and here we go through BLU Android 10 update schedule and mobile phones list. You have a valid question in asking - will my phone get Android 10 update or not? Or says — Hey BLU, where is my Android 10? BLU Android 10 update New Android 10 is now official as simply Android 10. Google had to finally sack Android version naming based on desert names starting with the English alphabet because we had already reached… Read More

BLU Android 12 Update: Release Date & Eligible Phones List

We talk about the BLU Android 12 update release date, eligible phones list & ETA. BLU Products always had a bad record when it comes to software update, but their recent generation of mobiles has seen a shift in momentum with periodic monthly security updates. Still it lacks behind and here we discuss the BLU Android 12 update, qualifying phones list and why/why not BLU is not carrying out most updates. BLU Android 12 Update After Android 11, Android 12 is expected to be the next major Android update for the year 2021 and unlike last year when I missed… Read More

BLU Phone Software Update & Download Page

Check out the latest BLU phone software update /firmware version and complete the how-to update guide. On this particular page, we would be talking about the BLU software update or firmware upgrades that are available to the device. We will be also listing out the upcoming BLU software download here too. We all know that the Android version is updated regularly. Atleast there is one new major upgrade available. As of now, the Android 12 is the latest version which was announced in the second quarter of 2021. BLU Phone Software Update: Talking about the software update on BLU mobiles, there are… Read More

Android 11 Phones List - The Confirmed Devices by OEMs

Android 11 Eligible Devices: I understand your eagerness. Here is the list of smartphones expected to get Android 11 update(Confirmed devices too added). The reports of the upcoming Android version i.e., Android 11 have started to just come in and before it's too late for me I have an article on the Android 11 phones list. It started with Google Pixel 4 appearance on Geekbench which is rumored to run on the Android 11 version. We have already gone through Android 11 version details, its name, and expected features but here in this article, we go through a list of… Read More

Eligible Phones List for Asus Android 12 Update

Here are the eligible Phones list for Asus Android 12 Update tracker for stable & beta releases. Android updates have become a year affair with a new Android version announced every summer. Last year it was Android 11 and this year it will be Android 12. We have already put a general article on the Android 12 update and apart from that we have an exclusive list of Samsung phones, Motorola phones, and here it goes with Asus. Asus Android 12 Update Just like OnePlus, Asus is yet another OEM that releases only a limited number of smartphones in the… Read More

Samsung Android 12 Update List (Eligible) | Samsung OneUI 4.0 update

Samsung Android 12 Update List: Here are the Samsung Galaxy phones & tablets that will see the Android 12 update. When it comes to software update, Samsung and Nokia are very prompt to deliver on time updates. While it's easy for Nokia because they use stock Android version, Samsung developer team on other hand does a hard work by using One UI on their mobiles. Last year we listed eligible Samsung phones for the Android 11 and continuing the same this year we have the Samsung Android 12 update list. Samsung Android 12 Update List We have talked about the next… Read More

Samsung Android 11 Phones - Confirmed Devices to get the Update

Samsung Android 11 Phones: Here are the Samsung devices expected to get the Android 11 update. Samsung has been a prominent leader when it comes to Android both in terms of sales and in terms of software updates. After delivering Android 10 software updates to existing phones, soon it comes the time for the Android 11 update as the Android 11 version launch is already near. It will be delivered through Samsung OneUI 3.1 update that's the skin used by all Samsung devices. Samsung Android 11 Phones Here are the Sammy phone expected to get the Android 11 update -… Read More

OxygenOS 11 Update - List of Confirmed OnePlus Devices to get Android 11 Update

OxygenOS 11 update: Check out the OnePlus Android 11 update schedule and the list of confirmed devices to get the upgrade. OnePlus mobile phone users have increased because they deliver what customers want. They are tending to be a more perfect iPhone killer and the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro takes a nice jab at it. Further, they provide timely software upgrades to their smartphone. OxygenOS 11 Version: We all know that after Android 10, the next Android version will be Android 11 or Android R. The Android 11 version on OnePlus mobile phones will be called the OxygenOS 11. It's… Read More

Blu G91 Android 11 Update Status - Will BLU make it Happen?

Checkout BLU G91 Android 11 update eligibility, whether the device will get the update or not. We all know that there is new Android version every year, but only a handful of Android smartphones are upgraded to the latest Android version. In this particular piece of writing, with discussing the Blu G91 Android 11 update status. The point of discussing the Android 11 update for BLU G91 is that the company hasn't said a single word about the Android updates on this device neither during the launch nor through a tweet or official announcement. Blu G91 Android 11 Update Going… Read More

BLU Vivo X6 Android 10 Update - Is it Eligible?

Check out BLU Vivo X6 Android 10 update eligibility, whether the device will get the update or not. We all know that Android 11 is the newest Android version, but we are all still struck at Android 10, as it is yet to reach many of the phones. The Coronavirus pandemic as affected a lot of business and human lives. There are talks about the Android 12 update for BLU phones. It's also causing hindrance to OEMs in delivering the software updates to devices worldwide. Here in this guide, we talk about Android 10 for BLU Vivo X6. BLU Vivo… Read More

Bold N1 Factory Reset, OTA Updates, Recovery Mode, Rooting, Tips & Tricks

Download Bold N1 USB drivers, factory reset guide, recovery mode, factory & hard reset tips, check for latest firmware updates and process to check IMEI number. Bold N1 has received enough attractions to target the mid-range segment. It's an ideal choice for a smartphone under $200. Even for $250 is worth a go. You can check out the full Bold N1 specifications. So let's get started. Bold N1 Tips & Tricks Here is our Bold N1 tips and tricks series - Bold N1 USB Drivers Bold N1 Screenshot Bold N1 Root Booting Bold N1 in Recovery Mode Factory Reset Bold… Read More

Will my Phone get Android 10 update or Not? Eligible Phones List & ETA

Android 10 update is stable now and here check out the eligible phone list, ETA, and will my phone get Android 10 update? It's was just a couple of months back that Google announced an official name for Android Q version as Android 10. It's the tenth-anniversary special Android version, and it's named so. Leaving behind the Android 10 name and sacking of dessert naming convention, there are enough details on what devices will be getting the Android 10 update. And here we answer - Will my phone get Android 10 update? You can track all the development related to… Read More

BLU G9 Pro Android 10 Update - Android 10 Beta Rolling out Now

Android 11 aka Android R might be the next version of Android but as of now, Android 10 prevails. Apart from a number of smartphones receiving the Android 10 update, here we talk about BLU G9 Pro Android 10 update. The BLU G9 Pro is one of the mid-range flagship smartphones by BLU Products for the customers in the United States. It runs on Android 9.0 Pie version out of the box and there are possibilities of it getting the Android 10 update. BLU G9 Pro Android 10 Update BLU Products have already confirmed Android 10 for bold N1 mobile… Read More