BLU Android 12 Update: Release Date & Eligible Phones List

BLU Android 12 update phones listBLU Android 12 update phones list

We talk about the BLU Android 12 update release date, eligible phones list & ETA.

BLU Products always had a bad record when it comes to software update, but their recent generation of mobiles has seen a shift in momentum with periodic monthly security updates. Still it lacks behind and here we discuss the BLU Android 12 update, qualifying phones list and why/why not BLU is not carrying out most updates.

BLU Android 12 Update

After Android 11, Android 12 is expected to be the next major Android update for the year 2021 and unlike last year when I missed posting the list of BLU smartphones eligible for Android 11, this year I made it early for you. So here are the BLU Android 12 list eligible devices expected to get this new update.

Let me first start this article with status on where Android 12 stands right now.

Android 12 News: As of now, the developer previews are available one by one. The final stable version will be released in August/September 2021.

Definitely the Android 12 version is expected to bring many new features otherwise what's the use of releasing an update which is just meant for the namesake. As of now, little to few features are confirmed.

After a list of features in Android 12 update, let me take you through the list of eligible phones.

So these devices might be upgraded to Android 12 by BLU -

  1. BLU Vivo XII
  2. BLU G91
  3. BLU G90 Pro

BLU G91 Pro Android 12 update:

This is the first BLU phone to run on Android 11 out of the box, and it qualifies for the Android 12 update too.

BLU Vivo XII Android 12 Update:

The Miami based smartphone maker hasn't said a word on this update for Vivo XII, their latest flagship device.

BLU G91 Android 12 Update:

Running on Android 10, there are speculations that it will be upgraded to Android 11, but Android 12 is definitely not happening. But who knows, BLU has a surprise for us.

BLU G90 Pro Android 12 update:

The BLU G90 Pro will not be upgraded either Android 12 or Android 11. It's just that's it!

BLU G92:

The BLU G92 is expected to be the first phone to run on the Android 12, but it hasn't been confirmed yet. This is just based on the speculations and rumours.

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Why No BLU Android Updates:

People have complained that BLU doesn't provide updates on their mobiles. Let me answer you in this case. BLU generally manufacturers phones under $100 and half-yearly they have $200 smartphone. Only a handful of OEMs provides software updates to mobiles at that price, and almost no phones under $100 gets a major software update unless and until especially mentioned. Only Samsung, Motorola, & Nokia provides updates to a handful of devices.