How to Insert SIM Card on BLU Cell Phone | BLU Phone SIM Card

BLU Phone SIM Card Install: In this guide, we will provide a tutorial on how to Insert SIM Card on BLU Cell Phone.

So you have purchased a new phone and don't know how to insert a SIM card? You have arrived at the right place for the right information. But first let us know through comments, which phone you bought? Is it BLU G9 or BLU Vivo XL4?

What is a Smartphone?

A smartphone now not only is meant for answering or receiving calls but it has become a tool for entertainment and productivity apart from connectivity. For connectivity, you should insert SIM card on BLU phone so that your friends and colleagues can contact you.

Shop for Latest BLU Phones

Here is our detailed guide on shopping for SIM card for BLU phone and knowing which networks/carriers does your phone support.

Once you get enough details and order a SIM Card, then proceed with below steps.

BLU Phone SIM Card Install

To install a SIM card on your new mobile phone, you need to first determine what kind of SIM card slot does your phone have?

There are three types of SIM card sizes supported by all mobiles phones in the world, which are -

  • Nano SIM: The most popular and the latest SIM card size. Found on all phones after 2017.
  • Micro SIM: The micro SIM card size was used in between 2014 to 2018.
  • Mini SIM: It was used previously but not right now due to the big size of it.

You can check on your user manual for SIM supported.

If you have purchased a new phone then here is how you can insert a new SIM card on BLU phone -

  • First, switch off your phone. Press the Power button.
  • Time to locate SIM card slots. For old BLU phones which has a removable back, SIM card slot is the backside. For the latest smartphones like BLU G9, BLU G8, G90, and G9 Pro, the SIM card slot can be opened via ejector pin because the back cover isn't removable.
  • Insert the SIM card correctly in the card slot (as shown in the image below -)

    4 Steps to insert a SIM card on BLU phone

Sometimes SIM card slots are clubbed with memory card slots.

For your information, the SIM ejector tool is provided for free inside the smartphone box. If you need one, search for the mobile box, you will find one and if you have misplaced it, don't worry you can purchase one from Amazon.

Most of the BLU Cell phones are dual SIM unlock smartphones, i.e., it has two SIM card slots and you are free to choose which network you want to use.


This guide works on the following BLU smartphones -

  • Bold N1
  • BLU G90
  • BLU G90 Pro
  • BLU G9 Pro
  • BLU G9
  • BLU G8
  • BLU G6
  • BLU G5
  • BLU G5 Plus
  • BLU Vivo XL4
  • BLU Vivo XI
  • BLU Vivo XI+
  • BLU C6
  • Bold T5
  • And all other BLU phones

So that's the guide for BLU phone SIM card install.

Here is the PDF guide.

What kind of SIM card does Blu phones use?

Different BLU phone have different SIM card slots. The latest BLU phone uses nano SIM cards.

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So, that was one of our guides on how to insert SIM card on BLU phone in the How to section.

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