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Need protection for your phone? Here are the best BLU G91 Case online, Cover, Accessories like a screen protector.

BLU Products has finally unveiled the much waited 2021 flagship G91 G0410WW mobile phone with quad rear cameras. It's such a wonderful phone and we have gone through the device's specifications here.

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BLU G91 Case

You have arrived at the right place, looking for a case for BLU G91 mobile phone. I will show you the best ones within your budget range but first take a look at the case that comes inside the box, i.e., free along with the device.

In Box Case:

BLU Bold like us just like other mobile phones supplies various accessories within the box, and it also includes a case, earphones, screen protectors. Now that case is decent enough and can last only 6 months and may not provide you with enough protection needed. That's why it's recommended to put in an extra $10 and buy a new case instead.

So here are the recommended BLU G91 mobile phone case.

Still looking to shed a case for BLU G91? Here are a few options.

BLU G91 Magnetic Car Mount Case:

This time 8Wireless thought that they would come out with a case for BLU phone and here it goes the magnetic car mount case.

This is the best BLU G91 Phone case that I recommend because it includes a magnetic rotating ring making it convenient to place the device in such a position that it becomes easier to watch movies. Further, it can be used as a navigation device while driving thanks to the car mounting feature. It's made up of TPU material that offers scratch-resistant & fingerprint-proof protection.

Price: $15

Oujietong Case for BLU G91

Apart from keeping your mobile safe on the rear side, this case can stand and use it so that it's convenient for you to watch movies, web series, and your favorite videos easily.

Price: $15

BLU G91 Case Color Options:

Oujietong is making the case for this handset available in various colors and designs. It might not be your first choice when it comes to protection, but you can go with it if you need a designer case.

Pink case | Blue case

Price: $10 to $15

BLU G91 Screen Guard:

Need display protection to your phone, then what can be better than getting a screen guard, i.e., screen protector. This one has good customer feedback on Amazon.

Price: $12

Here is another one.

Arm Band for BLU G91:

There is a universal armband case available for BLU G91 mobile phone. This armband case is compatible with BLU J7L, BLU J5L, BLU J6 2020, BLU C6L 2020, BLU C5L 2020, BLU C6 2020, BLU G50 Plus, BLU G50, BLU Studio X10, BLU View 1, BLU Vivo XL, BLU Studio Mega, BLU G8, BLU G91 Pro

, BLU G91, BLU G71, BLU Studio X12, BLU G61, BLU Studio X10+, BLU A5L, BLU View Mega, BLU G61, BLU G50 Mega & other BLU Bold phones.

Price: $14.99

Memory Cards for BLU G91:

Although there is enough 128 GB storage on your device, you have a microSD card slot too, so the option to add more storage is always available. You can pump in a microSD card so that you can see your old photos and your favorite videos.

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BLU G91 Headphones:

Although G91 is shipped with basic headphones, it might not be of great quality. You can buy any of the following two options -

  • 3.5 mm headphones or
  • Bluetooth's headphones of your choice

It's clearly understood that for a wired headphone you will have to plug it in to your device and for a Bluetooth headphone, you can do it wirelessly by connecting your device to the Phone's Bluetooth.

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BLU G91 Screen Replacement:

Is your phone display is broken or cracked, or it's not working for any other reason, then it's time that you should get your device screen replaced.

Here two things arise -

  1. Phone is under warranty: Within the warranty, then you need to approach the service center to get the device screen replaced and it's subjected to terms and conditions.
  2. Phone is out of warranty: Out of warranty means you can get the screen replaced anywhere.

So those are the available BLU G91 cases and covers.

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