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ACP is available in all parts of America and it's a great initiative run by FCC under the guidelines provided US government. Here we go through all Government Phone Companies list statewise.

We will go through the following topics of discussion in this article -

What is ACP Program?

ACP stands for Affordable Connectivity Program and is run by the Federal Communication Commission(FCC) a regulatory body that controls all the telecom network and internet service providers in America. FCC invited applications for registered free government phone providers and it has got huge responses as more than hundreds of network providers got approval. So wanted to know about government phone companies near me check out the full list here.

All Government Phone Companies

A network provider has to apply at FCC to be a part of an affordable connectivity program. Once they get approval they can list their ACP plan on their website or offer this plan to customers. Apart from providing $0 with ACP phone billing, the Telecom network has the choice to offer how much data they are willing to give to each customer every month.

How Much Data is Offered?

Most of the registered government phone companies provide 5 GB or 7 GB. So that was all about what a government phone company has to offer to all registered users.

ACP Program Benefits:

ACP program was launched to offer free cell phone service for those who are in need and those who can't pay. As mentioned by FCC, you are entitled to get free phone service with voice and mobile data per month provided that users apply for inclusion after meeting the eligibility criteria. You get a discount of up to $30 a month and those who live on tribal land may get up to a $75 monthly discount. That's up to $500 to $800 in savings annually.

Apart from this you also get either a free tablet PC or a laptop PC discount of $100 on purchase. Remember that you can get any one of the above benefits, not both.

How to Find a Free Government Cell Phone Provider Near me:

In order to find the nearest Government cell phone provider, then please follow the instructions mentioned below to actually locate one such -

  • Open the official website of ACP and click on Companies near me.
  • On the next page click on Search Providers.
  • It will give you a warning that you are leaving the site, please click on "Ok".
  • Now enter your ZIP code or city or state name. Also, select the program i.e., ACP or Lifeline, and finally click on Search.
  • It will list all the approved ACP/Lifeline companies. It will be a big list.
  • The list contains the company name, phone number, type of service, and ACP plan details.
  • You can download the list in .CSV format easily.

For your reference, here are the Free government mobile companies in New York -

Company Name Phone Number Type of Service $0 with ACP Discounted Device Company URL
Valstar, Inc. d/b/a GTel 518-537-4835 Home Internet
ZISFONE, LLC 850-397-2031 Home Internet Yes
Sarver Wireless 888-744-8950 Mobile Internet Yes Yes Https://
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 Mobile Internet
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 Home Internet
Excess Telecom, Inc. 800-615-0898 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
Sano Health LLC 866-970-7299 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
Wrazzle, Inc. 800-380-0547 Mobile Internet Yes Https://
Comlink Total Solutions Corp 833-526-0200 Mobile Internet
Integrated Path Communications, LLC 888-224-6958 Home Internet Yes Yes
Verizon New York* 800-837-4966 Home Internet Yes
Cassadaga Telephone Corporation 716-673-3000 Home Internet
Cogeco US Finance, LLC d/b/a Breezeline 888-536-9600 Home Internet Yes
Sage Telecom Communications, LLC 800-430-0443 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
Selectel Wireless 877-218-5744 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
ECOMOBILE, INC. 855-825-8855 Home Internet Yes
InterConnection 206-633-1517 Mobile Internet Yes
BlueSkies Communications 514-994-2476 Mobile Internet Yes
Better Broadband 802-949-0254 Home Internet
GTel 518-537-4835 Home Internet
Hello Mobile Telecom LLC 888-854-3556 Mobile Internet Yes
H2O Wireless 888-543-3620 Mobile Internet Yes
Public Wireless, LLC 800-286-5380 Home Internet
Easy Wireless 877-476-3451 Mobile Internet Yes
EARTHLINK, LLC 888-327-8454 Home Internet
Insight Mobile, Inc. 866-330-0902 Mobile Internet Yes
Ready Wireless 866-488-8719 Mobile Internet Yes
Culture Wireless 404-254-6236 Mobile Internet Yes
Unity Wireless Inc. 800-701-3231 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
Consolidated Communications, Inc. 844-968-7224 Mobile Internet Yes
BlocPower LLC 718-924-2873 Home Internet Yes
Figgers Communication Inc. 800-223-5435 Home Internet Yes
US Connect 877-732-7987 Mobile Internet Yes
Astound Broadband powered by RCN 800-746-4726 Home Internet Yes
Assurance Wireless* 888-321-5880 Mobile Internet
Gen Mobile, Inc 833-528-1380 Mobile Internet Yes
Torch Wireless 877-998-6674 Mobile Internet
Optimum 866-200-7610 Home Internet
The Smart Community Initiative, Inc. 347-949-8305 Home Internet Yes
Airtalk Wireless* 855-924-7825 Mobile Internet
Boost Mobile 866-402-7366 Mobile Internet Yes
Nicholville Telco, LLC* 315-328-4411 Home Internet
Haefele TV, Inc. 866-708-1556 Home Internet
Go Technology Management, LLC 877-223-1978 Mobile Internet Yes
North American Local, LLC 888-247-3903 Mobile Internet Yes
Point Broadband Fiber Holding, LLC 844-407-6468 Home Internet
Xchange Telecom LLC 646-722-7200 Home Internet Yes
Viasat 855-463-9333 Home Internet
ALLDATA COMMUNICATIONS CORP. 877-324-3424 Mobile Internet Yes
Red Pocket, Inc 888-993-3888 Mobile Internet Yes
Thrive Mobile 816-514-0592 Mobile Internet Yes
Telzeq Communications Inc.* 718-887-9881 Home Internet
Citizens Telephone Company of Hammond, New York, Inc. 315-324-5911 Home Internet Yes
Telzeq Communications Inc.* 718-887-9881 Mobile Internet 866-960-6104 Home Internet
Global Connection Inc. of America 800-544-4441 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
Hughes Network Systems, LLC 844-737-2700 Home Internet
Windstream Communications, LLC* 866-445-8084 Home Internet
Tone Communication Services LLC 800-515-8182 Mobile Internet Yes
Metro by T-Mobile 888-863-8768 Mobile Internet
Ztar Mobile, Inc 800-416-3003 Mobile Internet Yes
Hoop Wireless, LLC 833-367-4667 Mobile Internet Yes Https://
Straight Talk, Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, TracFone, Net10, Page Plus & Go Smart* 833-333-9227 Mobile Internet Yes
Prosper Wireless, LLC 800-611-6206 Mobile Internet Yes
SprintFone 786-259-0002 Home Internet Yes
Life Wireless 888-543-3620 Mobile Internet Yes
ResiBridge, Inc. 347-331-4618 Home Internet Https://
Culture Wireless 404-254-6236 Home Internet Yes
Flume Internet, Inc. 646-809-1026 Home Internet
Infiniti Mobile 214-323-8000 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
SafetyNet Wireless 888-224-3213 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
PCs for People 651-354-2552 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
Access Wireless* 866-594-3644 Mobile Internet
Upstate Fiber Networks 866-353-7209 Home Internet
Xchange Telecom LLC 646-722-7200 Mobile Internet Yes
Liberty Mobile Wireless 855-711-5001 Mobile Internet Yes
Ambient Broadband 585-757-1377 Mobile Internet Https://
Natural Wireless 877-777-7930 Home Internet
Natural Wireless 877-777-7930 Mobile Internet
Ambient Broadband 585-757-1377 Home Internet Https://
Chazy and Westport Telephone Corp.* 518-962-8211 Home Internet
ECOMOBILE, INC. 855-825-8855 Mobile Internet Yes
Boomerang Wireless, LLC 866-488-8719 Mobile Internet Yes
Broadway Telecom LLC 833-450-3033 Mobile Internet Yes Https://
SWA Connect, LLC 866-350-0222 Home Internet Yes
LTE Wireless 877-388-2232 Mobile Internet Yes
Champlain Telephone Company* 518-298-2411 Home Internet
Cricket Wireless 844-246-8364 Mobile Internet Yes
TEKNOGRID 862-505-1429 Home Internet
People's Choice Communications Inc 843-579-1247 Home Internet Yes
BlocPower LLC 718-924-2873 Mobile Internet Yes
Spot On Networks, LLC 877-768-6687 Home Internet Https://
Cellspan Inc. 855-957-2330 Mobile Internet
Ontario Telephone Company* 866-353-7209 Home Internet
Q Link Wireless LLC* 855-754-6543 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
IDT Domestic Telecom, Inc. 800-689-0617 Mobile Internet Yes
Rural4G 870-451-0373 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
NewPhone Wireless, LLC 855-204-3667 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
Dunkirk and Fredonia Telephone Company 716-673-3000 Home Internet
National Wireless 888-683-7521 Mobile Internet Yes
human-I-T 888-268-3921 Mobile Internet Yes
Foundation for California Community Colleges 866-325-3222 Home Internet
Maxsip Telecom Corporation 866-629-7471 Home Internet Yes
TVI Mobile 800-229-6004 Mobile Internet Yes
Lingo 866-405-4646 Home Internet
Cintex Wireless, LLC 800-931-0141 Mobile Internet Yes Yes
American Assistance and Your Call Wireless 877-266-7212 Mobile Internet
Honest Networks LLC 844-846-6378 Home Internet
Twigby ACP Home Int Home Internet
People's Choice Communications Inc 843-579-1247 Mobile Internet Yes
Whoop Connect Inc. 888-200-1076 Mobile Internet Yes Https://
Trumansburg Telephone Company 866-353-7209 Home Internet

Free Government Phone Ohio:

Follow the process mentioned above to get a government-free phone Ohio providers list.

Free Government Phone Alabama

Just follow the above process and enter your ZIP code or an area name or State name as Alabama. All the approved ACP providers in Alabama will be listed.

I have listed ACP providers in New York above with ZIP Code 10020, there are more than 100, and if I continue to add data from all states, it will be a long list, so that's why I haven't provided details of ACP providers in all states.

As per the FCC, guidelines, the customer has to make at least one call from the registered mobile number, or else the account will be disconnected and you will have to recertify it again.

ACP Application Status Check

Tempo Wireless Free Phone


So that's how to find government phone companies in your state. You can go through the ACP articles list to check out articles on the A-Z guide on free government phones.

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