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Check out Easy Wireless ACP Plan, an application for Free Phone, Tablet & status check for eligible households, and a free internet plan.

With ACP services in 47 states of America, Easy Wireless is the most underrated telecom network. Classified as MVNO, it provides free calls, minutes, and data for eligible customers who qualify to get Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) discount.

Through the Easy Wireless free phone program, you get a monthly discount of $30 on your wireless phone services, and if you can claim a mobile phone use that SIM for free.

The Easy Wireless ACP program isn't available to all as you need to be a participant in American government assistance programs like SNAP, Medicaid, part of qualifying tribal lands, or any other.

Through ACP, anyone who qualifies gets the following benefits -

  • Minimum of $30 monthly ($75 for qualifying tribal lands) discount on your internet services
  • Up to $30 monthly (maximum of $75 for qualifying tribal lands) discount on a wireless phone plan with a free smartphone
  • A fixed $100 discount on the purchase of either a tablet PC or laptop for entertainment or education purposes(Guide for Free laptop offer).

So let's learn more here in this article.

Easy Wireless:

Here are the details of what Easy Wireless offers to customers -

 Plan Name Easy Wireless Free Phone
 High Speed Data  6 GB
 Minutes  Unlimited
 Texts  Unlimited
 5G Supported  No
 4G LTE, 3G  Yes
 Network used  -
 ACP Internet Service  Provided
 Hotspot Data/Limit  Yes
 International Talk/Text  No
 WiFi Calling/Text  No

The company's website clearly has a tagline "Your trusted Lifeline and ACP Service Provider" which means they only have an ACP plan to offer to its customers and no other plans like unlimited or high speed.

You will have to provide your documents and government ID proofs like your driving license, passport, or any US equivalent ID if you want to get these benefits.

What kind of phones does Easy Wireless give you?

There are a wide range of mobiles offered via the ACP program and it depends on FCC, and stock availability with your network provider.

When you signup for the ACP program at Easy Wireless, you can get any of the following branded phones -

  • Mid-range Samsung Galaxy phone in A series, M series, or S series
  • Older Apple iPhones like iPhone 6S, 7, 6, 6 Plus
  • Alcatel phone
  • Motorola phone
  • Google Pixel phone
  • Latest Sky Phone or Schok phone

Sadly there is no choice to be made from your end.

Terms & Conditions:

When you signup for ACP discounted program from Easy Wireless or any other network, it comes with some terms and conditions.

There are not many but some of them are -

  • The program is available for one per household or one device per house.
  • If you are using a free Easy Wireless phone, you need to at least make one call a month.

So that's very simple to follow. I am sure all the beneficiaries will be able to do that and if you fail, you will have to recertify your account again by providing the necessary documents. I believe you don't want to get into that situation.

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So that's all about the Easy Wireless ACP program details and they just have one plan to offer. It's still a small network with limited customers and they are growing its presence.

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Check out Easy Wireless ACP Plan, an application for Free Phone, Tablet & status check for eligible households, and a free internet plan.
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