Cathect ACP Program Discount - Internet, Tablet & Phone

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Check out Cathect Plan, an application for Free Phone, Tablet & status check for eligible households, and a free internet plan.

Cathect Communications has announced its participation in the federal government's Affordable Connectivity Program. Through this free phone program, you will get up to $75 credits for people in tribal lands and $30 a month for general customers with applications for Internet and wireless phone services. So let's check out what we have on the table with Cathect ACP program.

Cathect Free Internet:

With this $30-a-month credit, you will save up to $400 every year on phone billing or internet services. These credits are applicable on low-cost Internet, Free Internet Essentials, and tablet services as offered by Cathect Communications.

With Cathect ACP phone you will get up to 20 GB of high-speed data a month for free usage. Thereafter you have unlimited internet at 64 kbps speed.

 Plan Name Cathect Free Phone
 High Speed Data  20 GB
 Minutes  Unlimited
 Texts  Unlimited
 5G Supported  No
 4G LTE, 3G  Yes
 Network used  AT&T; & T-Mobile
 ACP Internet Service  Provided
 Hotspot Data  Yes
 International Talk/Text  No/ No
 WiFi Calling/Text  Yes/ Yes

The ACP program is limited to one monthly service discount per household and you should use the services at least once a month. However, there is an eligibility process for the same as this program is meant for those who actually need it or are unable to pay off or opt for internet or wireless phone services in America.

How can you benefit from the ACP?

Cathect Free Tablet Government:

The ACP program is not just limited to free wireless phones but also provides a one-time discount on the purchase of a laptop or tablet PC. You can learn more about ACP free tablet from the government in order to get one.

How to Activate Cathect SIM Card:

If you apply for the ACP program via Cathect, you will receive your order within 7 to 10 working days. Once you insert your SIM card into the phone, Cathect services will get activated. Simple and easy!

Cox ACP Program

Metro ACP Program

I am not getting the ACP benefits on Cathect?

The ACP plan should provide you with a $30 (or $75 if you are a customer living in the qualifying tribal lands) monthly discount which is deducted from your next month's billing. If you are not getting this discount, then please contact Cathect customer care at +1-866-951-3352 for further help.

Does Cathect Communications provide a free tablet with an ACP Plan?

ACP plan is not just limited to a free phone with a $30/month discount but also entitles you to get the same benefits on broadband internet and one time discount of $100 on a tablet

or a laptop.

Final Words:

So that's all we have in the Cathect ACP program benefits and discounts. If you are looking for some discounted internet services then consider checking out Xfinity for the best coverage and Natural Wireless which also offers ACP discounted service plans with some good pros.

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Cathect ACP Program Discount - Internet, Tablet & Phone
Check out Cathect Plan, an application for Free Phone, Tablet & status check for eligible households, and a free internet plan.
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