Cox ACP Program for Free Internet Services - $30 Monthly Credit

Cox ACP Program for discount or free Internet service

Check out the Cox ACP Program plan details and guide on how to enroll for ACP Cox Internet application for Free Phone, Tablet & status check for eligible households.

Just like CenturyLink, Spectrum, & Optimum, Cox Communications is a well-known internet service provider in America. Although the state-run Emergency Broadband Benefit was renamed the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), it still provides Internet discounts to eligible customers.

The new upgraded system was launched after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US economy hard and many people had given up the costly Internet & wireless phone services in America.

According to the new ACP program, you get a discount of up to $30 a month on an Internet or wireless mobile phone plan. Here we go through the Cox ACP program that provides free internet services (some plans discounted).

Cox ACP Program:

The $30 ACP discount is added as monthly credit to your phone billing and the customer can choose any of the Cox Internet plans to apply for these credits.

So here are the official Cox Internet plans with ACP discount -

Plan Name Price ACP Credit
ConnectAssist $30 $30
Connect2Compete $9.95 $30
StraightUp Internet $50 $30
Essential 100 $49.99 $30
Preferred 250 $49.99 $30
Ultimate 500 $69.99 $30
Gigablast $99.99 $30

So ideally you are getting Cox free internet service & paying nothing when you choose the ConnectAssist plan.

If you choose StraightUp Internet which costs $50 a month, you must pay a reminder $20 discount.

Cox ACP Enrollment:

The enrollment process for ACP Cox Internet service is online. Follow the process mentioned below -

  • In order to enroll for Cox Internet, visit this page to check availability in your area.
  • If the Internet is available in your area, you will be given directions to apply for the Internet.
  • While you enroll online, you will be asked to provide your SSN i.e., Social Security Number, and details by which you qualify for ACP.

Cox ACP Application Status Check:

Once you apply for inclusion under Cox's free internet service, it takes 7-10 working days for the application to be reviewed and completed. You may be contacted by the Cox team for background verification.

If you are eager to know your Cox application for ACP, then you can call Cox customer care for further help. You can also check out other articles providing details on ACP application status check


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How to get your Cox Internet Bill paid for Free:

Although the ACP discount is applicable on all Cox Internet plans, if you want your Cox free Internet, then choose the ConnectAssist plan to get an ACP $30 credit per month adjusted.

What is Emergency Broadband Benefit Cox Communications?

Cox Communications offers ACP benefits on Internet services which is an extension of the former Lifeline or Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB).

It was renamed on December 31, 2021, considering the economic slowdown with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Wrapping it Up:

So that's the details on the Cox ACP Program for discounted/free Internet service. The program is similar to Xfinity ACP discount internet, Cox ACP, or Cathect ACP internet which offers up to $900 savings over the year but the brand popularity with Cox might give them an edge over other unpopular ACP network providers.

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ACP Cox Program for Free Internet Services - $30 Monthly Credit
Check out the Cox/ACP Program Plan details and guide on how to enroll for ACP Cox Mobile application for Free Phone, Tablet & status check for eligible households.
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