ACP Program Xfinity offers $30/month discount on Internet & Mobile Services

Xfinity ACP program discounted internet service

Check out Xfinity ACP Program which offers free internet services to eligible customers under ACP.

Comcast's popular internet service, Xfinity, offers cable TV, internet, telephone, and wireless phone services. Apart from that there is one good news, Xfinity has started onboarding ACP-eligible customers who qualify for a $30 monthly discount on internet or wireless phone services. Through this article, we will learn more about the Xfinity ACP program. So, without a wait, let's get started with our main topic of discussion in this article.

Xfinity ACP Program:

Xfinity Internet service is used by more than 30 million subscribers in America. It's a popular household brand when it comes to internet services. You can find Xfinity's name when you search for ACP government network providers in my state.

So to tell you more about the ACP program, it stands for Affordable Connectivity Program, an extension of the LifeLine Program that provides discounted wireless phone & internet services to eligible customers. You can learn more details on this page about ACP program.

Here is the brief synopsis of what's been offered by Xfinity under the ACP plan -

 Plan Name Xfinity Free Phone
 ACP Discount  $30/month ($75 for Tribals)
 Free Wireless Smartphone  Yes
 ACP Internet Service  Yes
 ACP Tablet Offer  No
 Discounted Laptop offer  No
 Minutes  Unlimited
 Texts  Unlimited
 High-Speed Data  5 GB
 5G Supported  Yes
 4G LTE, 3G, 2G  Yes, 2G Unlimited
 Network used  -
 Hotspot Data/Limit  Yes
 International Talk/Text  No / Yes
 Official Website Page

We have seen similar ACP plans from Verizon, Cox Internet, & Optimum Wireless.


You can qualify based on your income or participation in federal assistance programs like SNAP, Medicaid, or School Lunch or Breakfast program.

If you are receiving the earlier benefits of the Lifeline program, then you are eligible to get this discount. Further, this move by FCC is designed to meet the Internet Essentials or basic Internet services for everyone.

Xfinity ACP Enrollment:

Now that you know about the Xfinity ACP plan, you might be looking for an enrollment or application form. Let's go through it here.

You can enroll for ACP at Xfinity by shopping for an internet plan. Once you select your plan, you can check your eligibility for the program. If eligible you can enroll.

Once you are enrolled successfully, you will see monthly credit starting from your second bill.

Since Xfinity is an Internet service provider, the ACP credits will be used for the Internet first and then for the wireless mobile service.

Xfinity Login:

Follow the process mentioned below -

  • Sign in with your Xfinity ID here
  • If you don't know your Xfinity ID, then you can easily create one using your mobile number or Social Security Number.

TruConnect ACP program

Xfinity APN Settings

Natural Wireless ACP Program

Xfinity Free Phone:

When you choose Xfinity as your wireless phone service provider, you get a free phone that is under the guidelines mentioned by FCC


You can get any of the following branded phones -

  • Mid-range Samsung Galaxy phone in A series, M series, or S series
  • Older Apple iPhones
  • Alcatel phone
  • Motorola phone
  • Google Pixel phone
  • Sky Devices or Schok phone


So that's all about the ACP Xfinity program. Things are good when you are eligible for ACP benefits.

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ACP Program Xfinity offers $30/month discount on Internet & Mobile Services
Check out Xfinity ACP Program that offers free internet services to eligible customers under ACP.
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