Airtalk Wireless Activation - SIM & Phone Activation Steps

AirTalk Wireless activation SIM phone

AirTalk Wireless is a very well-known participating telecom network in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) run by the federal government in America. If you have applied for inclusion under the ACP program via AirTalk Wireless, here is the guide for the Airtalk Wireless Activation of SIM & mobile phone step by step.

Airtalk Wireless Activation

We have already gone through a guide for AirTalk Wireless review, here in this guide we will provide simple steps to activate the ACP plan.

When you opt for AirTalk Wireless ACP program, in the process you will have to choose a phone that you want among the available options. Whatever phone you choose, it will be shipped to your door address within 7-10 working days once you have completed your application.

AirTalk Wireless SIM Card Activation:

With this parcel you get a phone, SIM card and activation guide. Follow the process mentioned below to Activate AirTalk Wireless phone -

  • You get a universal SIM card and according to your phone type, you can get Nano or Micro SD card.
  • Using a SIM ejector tool, please remove the SIM card tray and then insert the SIM card into your phone.
  • Now power ON the device by pressing the Power button for 2-3 seconds.
  • Please go through the phone setup steps and then your phone will be activated.

So you can now make calls, text your friends and install apps of your choice from Play Store or App Store on your device. You can even make unlimited video calls and group calls until you are exhausted with your monthly data limits and if you are an ACP-approved customer you can even get those benefits.

Cintex Wireless Application


Please make sure to make at least one call a month in order that your ACP SIM remains active.


So that's how to activate AirTalk Wireless SIM card and the phone too provided with ACP program

. In the end, it was too easy, just insert the SIM into your phone and you are done.

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Airtalk Wireless Activation - SIM & Phone Activation Steps
If you have applied for inclusion under ACP program via AirTalk Wireless, then here is the guide for the Airtalk Wireless Activation of SIM & mobile phone step by step.
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