How to Get Life Wireless Replacement Phone when Stolen or Lost

Life Wireless Replacement Phone

How to get a Life Wireless Replacement phone, re-issue SIM Card, their replacement policy, warranty, terms and conditions.

Is your phone on Life Wireless stolen or lost? I know you will be saddened, you will be asking a question like -

Can I get a replacement Life Wireless phone?

or something similar to -

Life Wireless phone replacement

or do you need

Life Wireless Replacement SIM

I have answered all your query in this regard here.

There is no reason to be dejected because you can get a replacement device from Life Wireless.

Wow! That's really great.

Now let's see how you can claim device replacement on the Life Wireless network.

Life Wireless Replacement Phone

Just like other MVNOs in the USA, Life Wireless provides replacement mobile when it's lost or stolen but that depends upon a few policies.

When your device is lost or stolen or broken, you will have to report it to a Life Wireless Customer service representative. Call on 1-888-543-3620 from any other mobile number. The support staff is available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST and you can also reach them via email at (

Here is the Life Wireless Free Phones Replacement Policy -

⇒ First 30 Days of Activation

If your device or accessory or SIM is lost or stolen or damaged or defective within 30 days of activation, then your company will provide you with a replacement SIM or accessory free of cost.

If Life Wireless determines the phone is defective, it will ship the replacement phone.

If the phone is damaged or lost, or completely stolen then you need to pay $40.00 before the company ships the replacement unit.

⇒ 1 Month or Longer period after Activation

If your device parts like battery, charger, or SIM card are damaged then you need to pay $5.00 for each item replacement. If the phone is damaged completely or lost or stolen, then you need to pay $40.00 before the company ships the replacement unit.

Note: All the devices replaced will be reconditioned or refurbished.

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What kind of Phone do I get with Life Wireless?

Just like other MVNOs, Life Wireless includes support for BYOD, i.e., Bring Your Own Device. Through this, you can bring any of the smartphones to the network provided it's compatible. Most of the AT&T phones and unlocked GSM phones are compatible with Life Wireless.

Can I put Life Wireless SIM in another Mobile?

Absolutely, you can put your Life Wireless SIM in any phone you want to provide it's unlocked GSM mobile supporting all or major frequency bands.

The invoice copy is a must in all cases wherever asked. You can learn more about it on the company's official site device return policy page.

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Final Words:

So that was all about how to get a Life Wireless replacement phone or handset.

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Here is the guide on how to get Life Wireless Replacement phone, their replacement policy, warranty, terms and conditions.
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