APN Settings for Unlimited Data 2023 on Android & Apple iPhone

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Are there any secret APN Settings for Unlimited Data on Android or iPhone? Let's check it out here!

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What is an APN?

APN stands for Access Point Names, and this is the term to assign proper settings to your mobile phone for the reception of cellular network data connectivity.

We all know that there are hundreds and thousands of mobile network companies and hundreds of mobile phone manufacturers in the world, and APN settings allow us to connect to our network provider with whom we have a contract. These data connection settings should be manually entered by users or professionals.

So are you looking for answers to -

how to get unlimited data for free on android?


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Then please read carefully from here on.

APN Settings for Unlimited Data:

The mobile data settings for unlimited data will depend on various things like -

Do your mobile networks allows actual unlimited data download and upload?

Do you have an unlimited data plan?

If mobile networks allow unlimited data download and upload, then you can implement APN settings for unlimited data download and upload without any limits.

Basically, all the mobile networks have unlimited data plans with the tag "conditions apply".

They are not truly unlimited, as they might include daily data caps/limits or usage limits. What most networks do is reduce the upload and download speed of certain daily data limits, and hence they provoke to be unlimited.

Alternatively, if you some trick you find online or anywhere, beware that these might be spammy or scam links.

Is there any Secret code for Free Internet Browsing?

Good question but sadly no, there are not any secret codes for free internet browsing on your mobile phone or tablet PC. As I said beware of such third-party claims and even if your company is promising make sure it's an official statement or get it verified by talking to a real customer service agent.

Additional Tip:

Recently American government has started an initiative to provide free mobile phone services with voice and mobile data. It's named the Affordable Connectivity Program ACP. This program is available to those who are struggling to meet their financial needs. All the eligible users will get a $30 discount on monthly phone billing (tribal lands residents get $75/month) and different companies have different data usage limits set for example, the Metro ACP program has a 5 GB data limit while the AirTalk ACP plan

gives you 8 GB data per month for free usage.

Further, the program's guidelines govern users to either get a free laptop or a free tablet PC with free mobile data.

Government Free Tablet

Android Call Tracking Apps


So finally we have arrived at the conclusion so quickly that the APN settings for unlimited data don't actually be a trick, they should be offered by your network operator. No doubt that these plans will be definitely costlier than the other mobile plans and it's recommended to stay away from any such third-party claims as they might cause more harm than good.

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