APN Settings for Unlimited Data on Android & Apple iPhones

We have got several Facebook pages on various things like Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Nokia mobile phones, Sony Xperia handset, BLU cell phones. Through these Facebook fan pages, we not only provide news related to mobile but people ask us various questions. Most of these questions are general in nature but some are very interesting and that's why we have covered such topics for which the solution is not all least available on the Google search engine. A few months ago one user asked about code to check if the phone is hacked or not we got it covered similarly one user asked for no crop app for Instagram for full-size photos without cropping. Today we will become covering a question Aashiq about APN settings for unlimited data - whether it's possible or gimmick? This question is asked by Lenin Rao. Let's try to answer.

APN stands for Access Point Names and this is the term to assign proper settings to your mobile phone for the reception of cellular network data connectivity. We all know that there are hundreds and thousands of mobile network companies and hundreds of mobile phone manufacturers in the world and APN settings allow us to connect to our network provider with whom we have a contract. These data connection settings should be manually entered by users are by professionals.

APN Settings for Unlimited Data

The mobile data settings for unlimited data depends on various things like -

Do your mobile networks allows actual unlimited data download and upload?

Do you have an unlimited data plan?

If mobile networks allow unlimited data download and upload then you can implement APN settings for unlimited data download and upload without any limits.

Basically, all the mobile networks have unlimited data plans with the tag "conditions apply".

They are not truly unlimited as they might include daily data caps/limits or usage limits. What most network does is reduce the upload and download speed after certain daily data limits and hence they provoke to be unlimited.

Alternatively, if some trick you find online or anywhere, beware as these might be spammy or scam links.

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So that's it for the conclusion that APN settings for unlimited data don't actually is a trick, it should be offered by your network operator. No doubt that these plans will be definitely costlier than the other mobile plans.

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APN Settings for Unlimited Data on Android & Apple iPhones
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