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Check out DTC Internet Bill Pay, Tech, DTC Outage, Customer service phone number & DTC Woodbury plans.

Just like Cathect, Natural Wireless, Cox & Frontier, DTC Wireless is one of the Internet service providers in the United States. It primarily operates in the state of some cities and towns in Tennessee. Although there are Satellite Internet providers like Hughesnet and Viasat, DTC Wireless offers services through wires and fiber optics. Unlike Satellite ISP which have limits, they offer truly unlimited plans. It's a wholly-owned subsidiary of DeKalb Telephone Cooperative.

It offers internet services in Alexandria, Gordonsville, Smithville, Woodbury, Gordonsville, McMinnville, Morrison, Manchester, Noah, Amity, Summitville, Bradyville, Readyville, and some areas of Baxter town.

It offers services in the following 26 areas of Tennessee state -

  1. Alexandria,
  2. Auburntown,
  3. Bradyville,
  4. Brush Creek,
  5. Carthage,
  6. Cookeville,
  7. Dowelltown,
  8. Elmwood,
  9. Gordonsville,
  10. Hickman,
  11. Lancaster,
  12. Lascassas,
  13. Lebanon,
  14. Liberty,
  15. McMinnville,
  16. Milton,
  17. Morrison,
  18. Murfreesboro,
  19. Norene,
  20. Readyville,
  21. Rock Island,
  22. Smithville,
  23. South Carthage,
  24. Watertown,
  25. DTC Woodbury,
  26. Woodlawn, TN

Headquarters: Alexandria

DTC Communications:

DTC Communications ACP provides free wireless phone services which offer a $30 discount per month along with a free smartphone through Affordable Connectivity Program. You are also eligible to get a free tablet PC.

DTC Meaning:

DTC Wireless has its meaning. It's named after its parent company DeKalb Telephone Cooperative(DTC).

DTC Outage:

Sometimes DTC Wireless might get down and services on the Internet will not be available.

DTC Woodbury:

DTC Internet in the Woodbury region in TN offers good customer service. You can say they are #1 in this area.

DTC Wireless Website:

DTC Wireless's website is https://www.dtcwireless.com.

DTC Bill Pay:

DTC Wireless has started accepting payments online on its website. Visit this page and then click on login by providing your username and password. If you are not registered, you can register on the portal itself directly.

DTC Customer Service Number:

You can reach the DTC customer service department for any queries or internet outages at the following two numbers -


Toll Free: 1-800-772-8645

email: -

5G cant connect | BugTussel Internet

Final Words:

So that's all about the DTC Wireless Internet in Tennessee state. If you are looking for discounted internet service for eligible Affordable Connectivity customers, then check out the Xfinity ACP Internet plan, Cox ACP internet, or Cathect ACP discount internet service that can provide a minimum of $360 in savings a year and a maximum of $900 for the people living in the qualifying tribal lands.

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DTC Internet Woodbury, Online Bill Pay, Customer Service Phone Number, Outage, Plans
Check out DTC Internet Bill Pay, Tech, DTC Outage, Customer service phone number & DTC Woodbury plans.
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