Satellite Internet without Data Limits

Check out providers of Satellite Internet without data limits or slowdown or caps or overage charges.

Satellite Internet have few advantage over normal Internet services through optical fiber or cable. With pros of connectivity anywhere and better latency, satellite Internet have become talk of the town. As of now there are only limited players and we have gone through the list of best Satellite Internet providers in USA. Sadly most of them have data limits and here we talk about Satellite Internet providers without data caps or slowdown.

Satellite Internet without Data Limits

As you know that there are only two internet providers and third one is under trial basis.

HughesNet and ViaSat are currently offering broadband services via satellite. If you check out their plans none of them offers truly unlimited Internet. There restrict each of the user accounts through data caps or data limits. No doubt that these two companies offer affordable satellite broadband services but all of their plans are followed with Internet slow down when you reach your data limits.

If you are looking for satellite Internet without any data limits then I would recommend to go with Starlink by SpaceX.

The Elon Musk company is offering the services satellite connectivity in United States and Canada at a price of $99 a month.

Sadly these services are not officially launched and they are currently under trial basis.

They have set up user registration page accepting limited customers on first come first serve basis. Users can expect a speed of 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps and they have low latency because of the satellite being in the earth's lower orbit.

Good thing is that they don't have data limits right now but you should also keep in mind that they haven't officially announced their plans.

So Space X Starlink is the services that you can try if you are looking for or Satellite Internet without data limits.

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Satellite Internet with No Data Cap in USA/Canada
Check out providers of Satellite Internet without data limits or slowdown or caps or overage charges.
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