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Check out the best Viasat satellite internet plans, cost, service & customer reviews.

Satellite Internet has its own advantages as it can be installed in rural and high-dense tribal areas too. If you are looking for the Internet that a normal Internet via cable or fibernet can't reach, you just got the option to choose satellite Internet. Atleast you are getting Internet, but prices would be slightly higher than normal cable Internet, but it's a new technology still growing. As of now Viasat and Hughesnet are two full-fledge operators but the list is growing.

Viasat Satellite Internet Plans

Viasat Internet Plans:

Viasat offers three different plans to its home customers to serve the internet via satellite. Viasat offers three different Satellite broadband plans.

Here they are -

Package Speed Price/month Data Limit
 Viasat Basic 12  Up to 12 Mbps  $50  15 GB
 Viasat Liberty 12  Up to 25 Mbps  $50  12 GB
 Liberty 25  Up to 12 Mbps  $75  25 GB
 Liberty 50  Up to 12 Mbps  $100  50 GB
Unlimited Bronze 12  Up to 12 Mbps  $70  80 GB
Unlimited Gold 12  Up to 12 Mbps  $200  65 GB
Unlimited Silver 25  25 Mbps  $100  60 GB
Unlimited Gold 30  30 Mbps  $150  100 GB
Unlimited Gold 50  50 Mbps  $150  200 GB
Unlimited Platinum 100 Up to 100 Mbps  $200  300 GB

Cheap Viasat Plan:

The 12 Mbps basic plan will cost you $50/month and it's the cheapest Viasat plan available right now. It has a data limit of 15 MB.

Viasat 25 Mbps Plan:

This 25 Mbps unlimited plan is called the Silver plan and charges $100 per month.

Best Viasat Plan:

This plan named "Unlimited Platinum 100" costs $200 per month plan provides you with 100 Mbps speed with a 300 GB data cap.

All the plans come with reduced speed after data caps limits.

Viasat vs Hughesnet Comparison:

While Viasat plans to provide speed choice they are a bit on the costlier side and on the other hand, Hughesnet plans are fairly cheaper but don't provide enough speed.

φ Hughesnet Internet Plan φ
φ Satellite Internet without limits φ

Viasat Browser Download:

There is a special Viasat browser available which promises 3x faster-browsing speed. It provides uncluttered, safe, and private browsing. It includes ad-blocking by default.

This is available for free download on various platforms like Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS devices -

Viasat Customer Reviews:

Viasat Internet plans are great value for money, most importantly providing connectivity where optical fiber can't reach. Some of the customer reviews on their website include -

“Viasat has been great from the beginning. Service is rock solid, and I get more bandwidth than I had before for less money.”

--Jerry A. - Castro Valley, CA

“I’ve had nothing but great experiences. The speed is phenomenal.”

--Shea M. - Red Bluff, CA

“(Your service) has done everything it said it would do. With Viasat, the value is there.”

DTC Internet

--Jason C. - Cottage Grove, OR

NTUA Choice Wireless

Final Words:

So those were the Viasat Satellite Internet Plans for rural/urban areas in the USA. The service is costlier right now because it's new but prices will come down as we get more providers, as of now only limited players in this niche market.

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